Dear Paragon. Part One: Surviving your first day in a new job


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Remember, “Dress one step ahead” 

Basically, dress for the job you want, not the one you have. It doesn’t matter that it’s only your first day, you want to climb the ranks in the Company, right? So, if you dress like a manager does, they’ll be more likely to accept you as part of their tribe psychologically, before you’ve even opened your mouth.Where you’ve got no photos to go off, it’s actually even easier to nail smart casual. Go with an understated plain black suit with a plain white blouse/shirt. If you get there and the full suit doesn’t feel right you can take the jacket off and untuck the blouse. Cool, smart, casual, killing it.//

First-day prep

So, you know on Star Trek, in every single episode, someone would say “energise” at least once? They were onto something those sneaky space age explorers. The best you to go to work as, is the one that’s had a morning shower. Not just so you can smell nice and not offend your new workmate’s nostrils, but because it “sets you up for the day”, according to Business Insider. Especially if you’re brave enough to alternate between hot and cold to really get the blood pumping.

First-day survival

While your previous work experience may have helped you to win your new seat in your spanky new office, nobody that you’re working with actually cares how you used to do it in your old job. You’re there to add value to their business, but you need to learn how they do it, before suggesting any tweaks or alternative ways to do things.If you spend your first week listening a lot more than speaking (my Gran always said we have twice as many ears as mouths because we’re supposed to use them in that ratio) then you’ll find out more invaluable information than if you blast in like a bull in a china shop trying to impress everybody.Lastly, nearly everybody at some stage in their career feels like an impostor. It’s totally normal. The jobs where that feeling is strongest are usually those where you are learning the most at the quickest speed.Best of luck, we’re sure you’ll smash it.Your friends at Paragon.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]