The Isle of Man is kicking cancer’s ass…


It’s the medical taboo, the elephant in the room, the awkward silence upon all of us, the C word, it’s something we don’t like to talk about. At least that was the case skipping back a few years. Thanks to new technologies, media and open speech, it has become something that is talked about in education, across the dinner table, and sadly something that affects every single one of us directly or indirectly. 


The stats are scary, but it’s worth recapping a few. Whilst these facts are from 2014, they are worth listening to;

  • An estimated 357,000 diagnoses per year in the UK
  • Every 2 minutes, someone is diagnosed with cancer in the UK
  • 450 cancer deaths every day in the UK.

Those numbers are enough to shock even the tightest upper lipped democrat!Enough of the shock tactics, we’re here to talk about something positive, something amazing, something community-minded, and something the Isle of Man has achieved! 

Relay For Life

In August this year, Relay For Life Isle of Man celebrated its 7th Birthday, and it sure was 24 hours to never forget!A combined force of unity; local people and businesses worked tirelessly around the year to raise over of £100,000 towards beating cancer, and we’re not stopping there!Teams and individuals have until 9th October to bank their funds online with Cancer Research UK to count towards the Isle of Man total fundraising amount.The Isle of Man consistently competes for the top spot year on year to be the highest fundraiser across the UK, which for an Island of our size is utterly brilliant! Whilst we may not hit the top for fundraising, we certainly do for participation and awareness. Over 60 teams enter the Relay For Life, with some London based events only reaching 20 teams!Over 60 teams enter the Relay For Life, with some London based events only reaching 20 teams!Isle of Man You Rock!

The science

I recently went on a tour around the Manchester Cancer Research Laboratory, and boy were my eyes opened! – Test Tubes galore! It reminded me of being back at school, but instead of dissecting a leaf, it was a room full of genius’ working on a cure for leukaemia. To think of the major feats in medicine that have been achieved so far including radiotherapy, chemotherapy and proton beam therapy, we really are making progress! And early detection is becoming the focus on our minds.Something else that is extremely interesting is the profiling and customisation of ‘personal medicine’ – similarly to that of a perfect fitting shoe, or fingerprint, we all fit/suit things differently, so be the case with our reactions and effectiveness of cancer drugs. The balance of quality of life vs cancer curing effectiveness is one that has to be perfect, and developing a pattern, or understanding of people’s genes and effectiveness will help us a great deal in the future for patients who may be affected. 

Where does your money go?

The money raised on the Isle of Man is dedicated to research centres in the North West that we benefit from, The Christie to name just one. 

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