5 unique dining experiences on the Isle of Man 


1. Secret Pizza Company

The secret is well and truly out, the Secret Pizza Company has been taking the Isle of Man by storm. As a self proclaimed foodie, I am embarrassed to say that I only tried their pie’s for the first only a few weeks ago at the Castletown Market.After wandering around the market I ordered The Great “Goatsby” which had goats cheese, sweet piquant peppers, caramelised red onion and was topped with rocket. This pizza was well worth making the trip to Castletown, and was devoured in no better of a location than in the picturesque town square and shadow of Castle Rushen. The dough was perfectly elastic and the secret tomato sauce full of flavour and depth.  If you haven’t tried their pizza yet, what are you waiting for? Track them down now! The Secret Pizza Co.


2. Patchwork Cafe Picnic At The Chasms

The second unique Isle of Man dining experience found me hiking to the ancient village of Cregneash and picnicking on the cliffs overlooking the Irish Sea in an area known as “The Chasms”. Tall stacks of rocks sliding into the Sea covered in deep purple heather was the perfect place to lay out a picnic blanket and tuck into a plethora of cakes. Patchwork Cafe is located in Port St Mary on the southern tip of the Isle of Man. The popular cafe provides 5* homemade local foods in their cafe and provides packed picnic baskets along with a blanket and a radio. After aAfter a half an hour walk and settling in on the blanket the first thing I wanted to try were the brownies. After pouring a cup of hot chocolate I moved on to the lemon drizzle cake and finished with the “piece de resistance” the Raspberry Roulade. A light and fluffy dessert with a strong punch from the raspberries was the perfect end to our feast of cakes at the Chasms. I can’t recommend this enough to experience on the Isle of Man. You can also take savoury foods with you for a heartier meal but I have a bit of a sweet tooth,I can’t recommend this enough to experience on the Isle of Man. You can also take savoury foods with you for a heartier meal but I have a bit of a sweet tooth, shh!patchwork picnic


3. Asia Fresh

Open Thursday through Saturday Asia Fresh is serving something very original on the Isle of Man. A five course tasting menu. The night that we came to the restaurant, which is located on the North Side of the Quay in Douglas we sat and were presented with our options to choose from. Did we want Miso Soup or Prawn Tom Yum to start? I chose the traditional Miso Soup to start. For our second course, we chose a mix of vegetable Maki. The third course was a choice of Gyoza or Nigiri Sushi. We chose Gyoza, which quickly has become one of my favourite dishes EVER! Course four is a choice between a lot of different noodles and rice dishes. I chose the Korean Bibimbap which I have been wanting to try for so long. I am so glad I did because Asia Fresh did not disappoint. It was mildly spicy with different pickled vegetables and gorgeous rice. Dessert was waffles and fruit with real maple syrup and cream. A walk down the Quay was necessary after this meal, but what a treat!asia fresh


4. Rosa’s Pantry

Living in Douglas I have to admit that I don’t get to Ramsey as much as I would like to. Coming from Canada I have driven days to get to a festival, thousands of kilometres to move cities or flown hours to see family. On the Isle of Man it can sometimes be hard to remember that Ramsey is 20 minutes from Douglas. A special place to me with some of my favourite shops on the island I was so thrilled to hear that a local, “veg-centred” and “healthy’ cafe had opened.Last Saturday I came in on a sunny lunchtime. We ordered coffee right away with almond milk and I went on to try something new to me: Rarebit. It was explained as a posh cheese on toast and I didn’t have to hear anymore, I knew I wanted to try it. With a slight dijon flavour and local aged cheddar on their house made sourdough bread, I was blown away. Another coffee and a brownie rounded out the meal (there was salad with the main I swear!) and the rest of the day was spent in Ramsey enjoying the shops and the beach. I can’t wait to get back to Rosa’s Pantry!rosas pantry


5. New Hong Kong – Asian Food Bar

Ramen is a cool dish in big cities like New York, LA and it’s birthplace of Japan and it has finally made it to the Isle of Man at New Hong Kong. Adorned with a hand drawn mural by Megan Hindley of Stedhead Art, it sets the atmosphere along with large wooden tables with benches.To start I got a Vietnamese coffee because I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have something so delicious and it did not disappoint. I knew this night was going to be indulgent so I also started with a steamed pork bun which I almost have no words for…but that wouldn’t be very helpful in this situation. The soft outside and tender pork inside was mouth watering as well as the sweet and sourness of the pickled cucumber, hoi sin sauce.The indulgence continues with the main even…the ramen! Topped with all the good stuff like kimchi, spring onions, nori and a fried egg all in a pork and chicken broth this ramen is no joke. Served with roasted pork belly this is not a dish to be missed on the Isle of Man.New Hong Kong has so much I want…okay need to try that I seriously can’t wait to go back. So glad it’s only a short walk down Strand Street!New Hong Kong

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