A modern twist on the ancient Manx Hop-tu-Naa song.Having been sung for centuries upon centuries by Manxies, Biskee Brisht, a local band consisting of vocals, ukelele, guitar, accordion and trumpet, decided to recreate the traditional folk song to inspire people to listen to this music again.

“The songs for hop-tu-naa are something which people are very nostalgic about,”

said Ruby Biscoe-Taylor, lead singer of BiskeeBrisht.

“But it is also a part of a living tradition. The Island’s songs are a part of who we are, and new generations should always put their own stamp on these sorts of traditions. This is what we’ve tried to do here.”

 Hop-Tu-Naa_BiskeeBrisht The song consists elements from both ‘Jinny the Witch’ and an older Manx song beginning Shoh shenn oie Houney, hop-tu-naa! (This is Hollantide night, hop-tu-naa!) T’an eayst soil shean, trol-la-laa! (The moon shines bright, trol-la-laa!).We hope you enjoy this new version of a Manx classic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLsb6ocqCFQ&feature=youtu.be

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