For the last 10 years I have worked in design & construction, and I always knew that I wanted my own business.My inspiration comes from many designers, the list is endless, but my clients are my inspiration. I like to create what they imagine and more, it is really important to be able to bring out peoples imagination and personality.I set up House of Design in April 2016, it has been such a great journey from launching until now. I have really enjoyed the start-up venture of my business and I am now looking ahead to the next stage. There have definitely been ups and downs with struggles, but you keep pushing until things get easier.No one said it would be easy!My family and friends have been super supportive of my business venture. To build my business I needed to develop my knowledge and then combine my passion.I will be releasing a fresh portfolio for Spring 2018 from some of the projects that I have been working on this last year.I love what I do.

Hop-tu-Naa Design

Hop-tu-Naa is a Celtic festival celebrated in the Isle of Man on 31 October. Predating Halloween, it is the celebration of the original New Year’s Eve (Oie Houney). It is thought to be the oldest unbroken tradition in the Isle of Man.Are you are looking to create a hop-tu-naa grotto? Follow these easy tips: –

  • Create a space for this (i.e. garage, spare bedroom, Lounge or Kitchen.
  • Use Plants or flowers with Hop Tu Na flowers such as yellow, orange and white.
  • Create a Turnip inspired centrepiece for your dining table.
  • Use big bowls for spider and snake sweets.

If you are looking for a flower centre pierces please look no further than the flower studio in Tynwald Mills. They create pieces, which are elegant, beautiful and chic.I really like these little crochets designs by Yarny Grainne (Manx Crochet Guru).


Bowl for Sweets

If you are looking for display items to put your spooky treats in then look no further than Katy Mitchell ceramics, this bowl is incredible:Bowl 

Manx Hygge

If you are looking to snuggle down this autumn and create a cosy sanctuary, follow these house of design tips: -I am also a massive fan of hibernations….

  • Candles
  • Snuggle blankets
  • Create a den
  • Bake biscuits
  • Read a book

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