Today marks the day that Gary Barlow is made Patron Saint of Douglas.Having been urgently rushed through the House of Keys late last night, the speaker announced that Friday 20th October is Gary’s inauguration day.An essential member of the X Factor judges panel, the glue to Robbie Williams Take That, and a true Manx advocate, are only some of the praises from last night’s meeting.Local radio stations will broadcast Barlow hits non-stop, while the SaddleInn hosts an all-day karaoke session.If you wanted a ticket to the gig, you’re probably too late. Rumours have it the Villa had to employ extra security as keen locals camped overnight in the gardens and carpark.Nonetheless, today is to remember why we love Gary. Besides his endless musical talents, he has other inspirational achievements:

  • Being the only judge ever to have FOUR acts in the X-Factor finals
  • Organising the Queen’s 86th birthday bash
  • Starring in the ITV1 drama Heartbeat.

What a guy.We were lucky enough to have an exclusive interview with Gary about his upcoming tour:

“I’ve been pursuing this dream since I was a young boy, it’s a true true honour to perform in the Royal Hall on the Isle of Wight Man, it’s absolutely fantaaaaastic ”

So there you have it from the man himself, it’s lining up to be a top concert!

In all fairness, Gary is a good fella. He’s released some great tunes over the years, he’s been awarded an OBE for his contribution to the entertainment industry and charity, and comes across as a family man. So ‘let it shine’ on this historic day.

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