The Ins and Outs of Manx Football With Agent Rashid


Photo by Vannin PhotosNo matter who you are you know something about football, you may hate it but you do know something. But how much do you know about Manx Footy? Well, that’s where I step in. There probably isn’t a better person to explain the ins and outs of football on the Island than me, Agent Rashid.

Senior Men’s Football

Of the 26 clubs on the island there is a First team and a “Combi,” with the exception of Ayre Utd who couldn’t find enough players to travel THAT far North of the Sulby River to play football, so only have one team. The Manx leagues consist of four leagues. The Prem and Division 2 which features the First Team’s and then the Combination divisions.

Featured Teams

There is no team better to start with than St George’s (Geordies). In recent times they have been the most dominant side in Manx Football and seem to have won like 50 odd trophies in the past few years. They generally just take the p!ss out of other teams and are just ruthless in attack. They defend so little that they sometimes don’t even field a keeper, much to Andrew Roy Perry’s joy as the drive from Ramsey takes it out of him. Geordies are however currently under investigation for their scouting policy after it was revealed in the Manx Indy…

“They take the good ones from Union Mills.”

Up north in Ramsey, the town features two teams. Ramsey AFC and RYC&OB. Ramsey AFC is actually the oldest club in Manx Footy, formed in 1885. Ramsey Youth Centre & Old Boys have been a Yo-Yo team in recent years, and the “Old Boys” in their name entirely refers to Ray Leech. The North has a decent record of producing good players but they never seem to stick around, this is basically down to that the teams are based in Ramsey! (to find an honest opinion of Ramsey see our previous post here).Both squads suffer from this and subsequently are drawn to the bright lights of Douglas based teams or even Laxey believe it or not! Basically anywhere but Ramsey is attractive.One of the teams who poach players from the North is Peel AFC, who is also known as Ramsey East AFC. Peel are actually the most successful club in Manx footy but The Westerners also boast the most violent fan base with the hooligan firm, “The Sunset Ultras” – you may have watched the film Green Street, but these guys are something else. The fan group need Police Escorts to games and have been known to throw 5ps at opposition goalkeepers.Malew AFC has done something no Manx Club has done before, realising that no bugger wants to play for them, so backed by finance from a Russian Billionaire they have decided to offer free subs to players. (Take note Ayre Utd.)If you’re reading this now and think, “Hey, let’s go watch a game, but who sells the best brews?” Well, it’s a huge debate running through Manx football, although the “Ballafletcher Babes” who run the tuck shop during Corinthians AFC and Douglas Royals games make a mean brew and get my vote.

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