“Mann, I’m Still Broke”


With last month’s paycheck running out by right…..about….. now, lets look at some MORE o’ dem tings you can get up to, for free!!

 In case you missed part 1, here it is! 

#6 They said it changes when the sun goes down…

Ahhhh sundown, that most beautiful and oh so romantic time of day… napoleon 2Well lucky lucky for you my friend, because our beautiful wee Isle in the Irish Sea has some pretty bad-ass sunset scenes!We absolutely love love love watching the sunset down in Port Erin and recently climbed up Bradda Head with a picnic and watched the sun go down. But we’re not biased, oh no, our other top spots for watching the sun go down are; Peel – fella, Blue Point beach – wayyy down north and Niarbyl – wait, did you know they filmed Waking Ned down there?

#7 Live off the fatta the lan’

When you’re Tesco Value broke, you could be fooled into thinking that you need to live the beans on toast lifestyle 24/7 ‘til the next pay cheque rolls in. Breakfast - SuccessWell, how would you like it if we told you that ain’t the case and you can actually eat for free?!Nope, you didn’t mishear us, we said… E-A-T–F-O-R–F-R-E-E!!CelebrateYup, our Isle is packed full of food ripe for the foraging. Why not take yourself for a walk around the waterfalls of Glenn Maye and pick up some downright delicious wild garlic along the way?

George and Lenny

#8 Basking sharks, wallabies and fairies, OH MY!

We fully believe that if you want to see one of the islands ‘mythical’ creatures, you gotta pray to our mystical God, Manannán mac Lir and all your hopes and dreams will be answered… MadonnaLast time we had friends visiting, they totally didn’t believe that the island was home to basking sharks, so we spent the whole day driving around the island in hot pursuit, to not much avail. As we were nearing the Sound Café – our last stop for the day – I said a little prayer – it went a little something like “FFS please don’t make me look a dick, thanks, bye.” And lo-and-behold, as we drove down the winding road, right there on the horizon was a big ass basking shark. I’ve been a believer ever since.*DISCLAIMER* we’ve still never seen a wallaby or a fairy, but a very reliable friend of ours assured us they are both absolutely 100% real.

Fake news

#9 I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiiiike

You’d be hard pressed to not know that our island has bred and is home to some pretty kick-ass cyclists, we won’t name names, you know who you are… MedalsSo, assuming you already own a bike – please disregard this point in its entirety if you don’t, we’re here to talk about what to do when you’re broke after all – the island is quite literally your oyster! So get yourself out for a cycle over our famous mountain course, or if you’re up for an adventure, why not hug the coastline from Douglas Head to Port Erin and tackle the infamous ‘Sloc’.

#10 You must be my lucky star

Our penultimate pointer is one of our absolute favourite freebie things to do. You see we have some of the best spots in the whole of Europe for stargazing and on certain nights of the year, you can even see the world famous Aurora Borealis.aurora borallisWe’re not sure of the exact science behind it, something to with lack of light pollution, but hey, who’s complaining! Save’s on that trip Iceland huh?

Muppet Science

#11 Pretend you’re on storage wars

OK, so last but by no means least… We all know that Jurby Junk has closed down……. Kid cryingYup, it breaks our hearts, but we’re probably partly to blame because every time we’ve ever been there – which is thrice – all we’ve done is walk around like it’s a museum, terrified that somethings going to jump out from one of the many boxes of oddities.B Movie MonsterIn fact, we once heard a story about a friend of a friend’s friend, that has a not-so-irrational fear of buttons. He traces it back to the time he fell in the infamous Jurby Junk button box, couldn’t get out and swears by almighty God that something grabbed his foot…. Weird thing is, we can 100% believe that something probably did!!Here's JonnyLOLs aside, if you’re looking for that shabby-chic kinda vibe to your afternoon – or you just want to pretend you’re on Storage Wars – then drop on into the Jurby Junk Book Store and say hey to the legendary owner Stella and one of her thousand cats. We once spent a whole afternoon there flicking through the million and one vinyl selection, after a couple of hours we proudly walked away with an Elvis Christmas album and the Mary Poppins soundtrack… Rock on dudes!


So there you have it, along with Mann I’m Broke Part 1, we’ve given you our top ten ELEVEN bad-ass budget beating things to do on the Isle of Man when you’re skint as a mongoose.So next time you’re considering shacking up in your basement and living like a hermit to avoid temptation, pull out our handy guide, take off those shackles and make the most of that damn lemonade budget!Beyonce 

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