The Sovereign Art Foundation (SAF) was established in 2003 with a well-defined twin focus: to recognise the growing wealth of contemporary art talent in Asia and to bring the proven benefits of expressive arts to underprivileged children. The Sovereign Asian Art Prize, now recognised as the most prestigious prize in its field, raises funds by auctioning those artworks that reach the final stage of the competition. The proceeds are then shared equally between the artists and the Foundation, to use for its many charitable projects.Since the inaugural Sovereign Asian Art Prize, the Sovereign Art Foundation has organised 38 gala and exhibition events worldwide.In 2016 they initiated the Middle East and North Africa Art Prize, where mid-career artists can win not only the prestigious title but also US$30,000, with auction proceeds going to START – an organisation working with refugees, orphans and special needs children in the Middle East. In 2012, the Sovereign Art Foundation Students Prize was established, which is run annually in Hong Kong and invites secondary schools and universities to submit three of the best artworks produced by students within the academic year. The Schools Prize is growing year on year and in 2015 they also established the Guernsey Schools Prize, followed by the Mauritius Schools Prize. 

Isle of Man, Students Prize 2017

The Isle of Man students prize has launched for the first time this year. Teachers from all of the island’s secondary schools and University College Isle of Man were asked to nominate three of the best artworks produced by students within the academic year. The standard of work submitted is up to A Level standard or equivalent.All artworks have been viewed by a judging panel who have shortlisted 12 finalists. The finalists’ works are being currently exhibited publicly in Sayle gallery, Douglas, where you are invited to vote for your 3 favourite pieces. You essentially have 3 votes in total, one at the Sayle Gallery, one via Facebook and one via The Sovereign Art Foundation website. But you only have until November 12th to cast your votes!The finalists artwork currently being exhibited are shown below.

 As selected by the public, there will be 3 prizes awarded to the works with the most public votes: Winner, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up. The local students’ prizes are fully funded by the Sovereign Art office this year, and the Exhibition Catalogue being sponsored by Simcocks. The award ceremony is to be held on the 15th December, so stay tuned in December for the Winners announcement!All proceeds will be split 50/50 to The Sovereign Art Foundation and with the well-loved local charity, Rebecca House – the Children’s Hospice at Hospice Isle of Man. Funds are to be raised from the sale of reproduction merchandise based on the finalists’ work. Items are on sale now at the Sayle Gallery Exhibition, Rebecca house and The Sovereign Trust (IOM) Office, as well as via social media. All proceeds will go to the above charities.

 The Sovereign Art Foundation is an amazing opportunity for young local creative students to have their work exhibited at a Gallery, something many artists aspire throughout their career. It provides an incredible opportunity and building block for young creatives who are progressing their careers or artistic goals, whether that is to go on to University or to better improve their artistic skills as a hobby.Get yourselves down to the Sayle Gallery and vote for your favourites.

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