Imagine you book the perfect vacation for you & your other half and a month before departure you break up… The first thing that you think of (after eating an entire tub of Ben & Jerry’s), is what on earth you are going to do with your pre-planned trip away!Do you…

  1. Take the plunge and board the flight alone, to sit at the pool thinking about how much of a loner you look sat reading 50 Shades of Grey…obvious signs of a new singleton?
  2. Don’t go at all and take to Facebook to see if any of your friends are interested in buying the travel from you?
  3. Just sit at home, continue eating the caramel chew chew and waste the pre-booked tickets?

That was when Simon Powell knew that there was a problem waiting to be solved. He found that even though tickets were non-refundable, 80% were transferable and that’s when the idea of was born. is a dedicated, peer-to-peer travel marketplace, allowing people to buy & sell unwanted travel tickets.We are all aware of recycling our unwanted clothes, food, and all other belongings, however, we haven’t been educated in the recycling of unwanted travel. was never set up to be another travel website, instead it was formed to be a community whereby all inventory was provided by peers to be sold to peers. Sellers now have the opportunity to retain their money on tickets that would otherwise go wasted and provide opportunities to international buyers to purchase their unwanted travel plans at personalised discounts.By transferring names on bookings, we aren’t taking away any business from these companies, instead we are actually confirming that we want to use their service and essentially refer our family/friends to our preferred accommodation providers. Maintaining customer loyalty and promoting their business to others. 

What does it take for a start-up to succeed?

I could write about the ‘textbook’ stages of what a start up has to go through in order to achieve, but you already know that. What you don’t see is the doubt that you have to battle, the motivation you need to keep consistent no matter the circumstance, the commitment that every member of staff puts into the brand, the perseverance when it gets a little rocky and the faith in the idea that we all truly believe in…(and the amount of coffee we all effin’ go through!)Turning an idea into a reality is what strives the team to get out of bed in the morning. The freedom to create something that has no limitations yet solves a problem that we can all at some point relate to. Simon not only had the balls to set up but he also created opportunities. Jobs, solutions, a new perception of travel, waste prevention and a whole lot of scope for creativity.If anyone needs to put their reservation for the penthouse suite in the Burj Al Arab to use, please let me know as I am sure I could free up some time to put my feet up in 7* luxury – (I’m being serious). To finish, I leave you with a quote from the wise man that is Macklemore:

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” (Thrift Shop)

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