What the hell is Black Friday and why has it made its way here?!


So you know how the American’s have that thing called Thanksgiving? Usually around the third Thursday of November. Yep? Well, Black Friday is their equivalent to our Boxing Day sales.So considering we already have our own variation of this day of absolute madness, chaos and sheer greed, WHY HAVE WE ADOPTED ANOTHER ONE!?

The name?

Some say the day was so named by the police who had to deal with the carnage. Literally, people wrestling, fighting and being arrested just to buy things in a shop.And as it turns out, for us east of the Atlantic at least, the amazing deals aren’t actually all that amazing as we all originally thought.

Are you really getting a good deal?

According to Which?, “More than half of last year’s Black Friday deals were cheaper or the same price at other times of the year, according to the consumer group.”SERIOUSLY FOLKS! Shops have even been outspoken about these findings, saying that they offer amazing deals all year round as well as on Black Friday.So while you think you’re getting a bargain, if you’d have been in a few months earlier you could have potentially got the same deal, with fewer black eyes.And another catch lies amongst the frenzy; some retailers actually change their return policies for Black Friday sales, so while you’re stacking your basket up high just because things have a reduced tag on them with the intention of returning later, think again.

How much is spent on black Friday?

An estimated figure of how much will be spent this year is being thrown about, and it’s absolutely insane. £2.6 billion. Again, £2.6 billion. And once more just for clarity, TWO POINT SIX BILLION BRITISH POUNDS.Could you imagine what that amount of money would do if it was invested into local retailers and suppliers rather than the multi-national companies? Can you just imagine the benefits to our local economies?Sure, some of that £2.6 billion will be spent in local shops, but it certainly won’t be the majority. But we’d like to try and change that…

Shop Local!

Keird Collective is presenting its first Christmas Pop-Up Shop at the Village Walk in Onchan starting this Friday 24th! Join them at the launch party to check out a festive space, shop for holiday gifts from a variety of curated artisans, and taste some delicious treats. Forget the high street this Black Friday and support independent makers to get truly one of a kind gifts!‘Keird’ is Manx for craft, and there will be all sorts of creative gifts to choose from! Alice Rose Fayle Design, Yarny Gráinne, Quinn Shipton IllustrationKim Gee Studio, Flamingo, Reap What You Sew, and The Cookie Doe will all be in attendance with their unique products for sale, with everything from crocheted garlands to quirky Christmas cards. The Keird Collective Christmas Pop-Up Shop will be open every Thursday To Sunday until Sunday 17 December, but stop by on launch day to get an exclusive 10% OFF everything in stock!!Opening hours are Thursday 11am-6pm, Friday 11am-7pm, Saturday 9am-6pm, Sunday 12pm-4pmCurated arts & crafts from a new generation of Manx creatives!WE WILL BRING YOU MORE INFORMATION ABOUT KEIRD COLLECTIVE TOMORROW SO STAY TUNED!

We’ve already got our boxing day sales, and the easter sales, and the summer sales, and the January sales, and the back to school sales and the sale for the sake of a sale sales.So why not look a bit closer to home this Christmas, and get some beautiful hand-made, bespoke and limited gifts (or treats for yourself!).You’d be amazed at the talent our little Island holds.

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