It’s all CHIPS CHEESE & GRAVY baby…It’s Sunday, midday and you’re hanging out your @rse… The only thing on your mind is eating then slipping into a slow deep slumber on the sofa. We’ve all been there.What to eat though? You’ve raided every last morsel of edible snack from the fridge, your brain is telling you to get a pizza in you, but your heart is saying chips, cheese + gravy, because you’re Manx as the hills right?Choose well my son, because f#ck, the way this hangover is going, this might just be your last supper, like, on a total biblical scale.Enter your friendly neighbourhood Gef, swinging in to save the day with what’s set to become the nations favourite. Yup, we’ve hooked up with the rock and rollers down at the Secret Pizza Co. to bring you one hell of a hangover hookup…This Sunday, you can pre-book yourself a slot to get your sweaty little hungover hands on a CHIPS, CHEESE AND GRAVY PIZZA. Nope, you didn’t misread that, we repeat CHIPS. CHEESE. GRAVY. PIZZA. You’re welcome.Head on through to the wee little link below and bag yourself a slot to collect your CCG Pizza from the Secret Pizza Co. at Barracks Square, Castletown, this Sunday. Think of it as a gift from your sober self, to your white gurl wasted Sunday ass.BOOK YOUR SPACE & PRE ORDER YOUR PIZZA HERE!!!!!Now stop thinking about Saturday night and get back to work you bloody waster.Love you always. Gef xoxo

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