Christmas panic buying …Have you experienced it? Do you lose sleep during the final days of Christmas shopping, knowing you will catch this crazy illness that leaves people running through Strand Street like they’re in the final showdown of Supermarket Sweep.

 In the world of last minute panic buying and the financial Christmas shopping surge of £1.5m purchases on Christmas eve, nearly half end up being unwanted presents – yes it’s the ‘thought that counts’ but the fact I accepted Cliff Richard’s calendar last year doesn’t mean I want one this year! Nobody needs to see Cliff’s tanned face and pearly dentures for 12 months.Cliff RichardThis Christmas, have a little think about your Christmas presents and give somebody the gift of opportunity.New Year’s resolutions fill people full of hope and adventure for the new year so, why not give them a helping hand and buy them a Christmas present to support them with their new year goals;

Top New Year Resolutions

#1 Exercise more

Number 1 on most people’s lists and often the hardest to get started.Help them find the confidence to dust off the purple lycra and skip into the gym!

 Why not get them a voucher with a top local strength and conditioning coach? Sam Murphy at PB Sports Performance will make sure they won’t be moaning about not doing enough exercise this time next year!

#2 Lose weight

A close second on the all time most dreamt about resolution.Everyone wants to lose the turkey pants after 2 weeks of eating and drinking A LOT and squeeze back into their new suit or skinny jeans. Always easier said than done though.

 Losing weight successfully is all about education, food types and portion sizes, but most importantly adopting a positive attitude towards food.This is something Angela from Next Level IOM is a master in. The gift of an appointment with Angela will provide your loved one with all the tools to fight Tesco with a plan of a action.If you’re already in shape and in a good eating routine, but something is missing… It could be a boost of vitamins and minerals your body needs. Pop yourself down to The Shed, home to Creative Juices IOM to invest in a one of their Juice programmes to boost your immune system and kick start the healthy you.

#3 Learn a new skill or hobby

Now this is where the exciting and more adventurous thinking can start.Has your loved one dreamed of being able to become a yogi master, but has yet to make it onto a yoga mat? Shine OM has a beginner workshop that starts in January which could be the perfect present for someone who has thought about it but not got around to it.We are spoilt for choice to give the gift of opportunity, from learning to cheerlead with Unity Dance School or maybe they’re planning on taking down local golf hero Tom Gandy, in which case lessons with Allyn Laing would be worth an investment.

 If you have creative happy snapper to buy for then check out Shan Fisher and her beginner’s photography course.For great outdoors lovers, head over to Out Door Ramsey they have everything you need to help your loved ones take on the island’s hills and seas in 2018.

#4 Spend more ME time!!

I believe this is by far the most important new year’s resolution. If you feel confident in yourself, then you can look forward to 2018 and the challenges and opportunities it will bring.Improving someone’s confidence and making them feel better can be tricky. Some people just don’t want to talk about the issues that are making them feel low, and some people simply don’t know where to start. By giving someone the gift of opportunity for Christmas you could provide them with a new flow of energy ready to close 2017 and hold their head high into 2018.There are a number of small ways you can do this;Maybe suggest just a good old pamper sesh – Hot Gossip can provide the lovely ladies with a lovely and caring environment, creating a new confidence boosting look over a brew and a girly chat. While Ben and his team at Drewry’s have the skills to tackle any requests from the boys (except mullets because nobody wants a mullet).

 Our local make up goddess Heather Maddrell, provides makeup masterclasses to help ladies create confident day-looks and glamourous evening glittery eye’s.If you want to encourage your loved one’s to delve deeper than just their appearance, then perhaps an appointment with the guys at Best Self You will help. The team provide a holistic approach to mental and physical health.

 Make your Christmas present count for more than just Christmas day!

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