5 reasons why employers should focus on flexible work benefits in 2018


Technology has enabled people to work in increasingly flexible ways, and many local companies are fully embracing its potential. With the ability for staff to work remotely, should going into the office 9-5 be a compulsory part of anyone’s job?Of course, for some roles there’s no getting away from the fact that people need to be based within an office environment. However, there are real benefits from giving employees the opportunity to work remotely or to work flexible hours.As the Isle of Man is facing a skills shortage in numerous sectors, allowing staff to work from the comfort of their home or being able to manage their time to fit around family commitments will help attract individuals from overseas to the Island and to your firm.Here’s 5 reasons why your firm should consider letting your employees take control of their work schedule.

#1 Increased employee morale, engagement, and commitment

When people feel motivated, they are more productive. Studies have shown that flexible working arrangements improve morale, meaning your workforce are happier and less stressed.Not only can this help reduce sickness and time off, a happier team will be more engaged and committed to their job. It also helps create a better work-life balance which is vital to your teams’ physical, mental and emotional well-being.

#2 Work smarter, not harder

Let’s be honest, some days it takes a little bit longer to get going and what should be a relatively quick task to complete ends up taking three times as long. Sometimes being able to start the working day later and finish later allows you to work smarter.By promoting flexible working hours, you allow your staff to work when they’re more focused and under their own intuitive. Instead of going through the motions, they will be more willing to tackle tasks efficiently and effectively.//embed.bannerflow.com/5a7afd48e314e03df8ca063b?responsive=on&nid=1&targeturl=

#3 Attract new recruits and retain your best staff

Having a flexible working policy is attractive and is a big contributing factor to job satisfaction. It can give your firm and advantage over others, meaning the staff you currently employ are less tempted to go elsewhere. It will also help to win over candidates for new roles as you can offer something unique to other companies, therefore giving you a competitive edge. It will also show you are progressive and not intending to micromanage your employees.

#4 It makes economic and environmental sense

A more flexible structure can keep running costs down as it allows organisations to accommodate more employees with the same or less space. For example, two members of staff could easily share a workstation if they both work partly from home and partly in the office. It can also save money on utilities, staff travel and sick pay.Plus, you will be contributing to the reduction of your organisation’s carbon footprint. Letting your employees work from home saves petrol, carbon emissions and wear and tear on the road.

#5 Innovative and faster growth

Motivated employees are more inclined to make a valuable contribution and come up with innovative ideas to drive your business forward. The big advantage of having a flexible team (including full-time, part-time and contract staff) is that it allows a company to work beyond the traditional nine to five. This can help you cater for international growth as well as better servicing your local customers who may want to speak to a member of staff outside of traditional working hours.

Embrace the concept of Traa-dy-Liooar and promote a positive work-life balance within your firm throughout 2018 and beyond. Not only will your team be more motivated and productive, you could save money and scale up faster.And let’s face it, on the Isle of Man the commute to the office isn’t long so if you need your team to come in for an unexpected meeting, the chances are they’d be able to get to the office quickly and willingly. (Well, more willingly than forcing them to come in at 9am each morning!)

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