The IoM’s Best Elf on a Shelf?


Yesterday, we came across what we believe to be the IoM’s best “elf on a shelf” storyAfter another year of Facebook feeds being flooded with Elves and Fairies in different set ups, it takes a lot to stand out The Cowell’s family fairies ‘Toby and Daisy’ took things to a new level this Christmas.They started with some standard of ‘Elf on Shelf 101’ action; toilet roll scattering, party set up, eating the kids foods etc.Then they stepped things up a notch and decided to give Dad, Simon Cowell a haircut. To be fair to them, they only snipped a little off (and Dad was in need of a trim)Dad’s a good sport so he was cool with it. He shrugged it off and then decided to even the cut out before going to work.As he got to work with the clippers, he didn’t realise that they blade has fallen off. Simon scalped himself. One nice clean line, right in the middle of the back of his head.He’s added a hat to his Christmas list.

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