2017 brought us highs and lows, thrills, spills and generally a lot of laughs via the locals who regularly take up their keyboards and march as one with a common goal to rip the piss out of everything local. We’ve been reviewing a number of local pages recently and have compiled for you, some of the best of Manx commentary we have found on local events and situations.1.That moment where Manx Gas accidentally managed to overtake the Isle of Man Steam Packet in the most hated local company stakes with all the kerfuffle over the standing charges. To combat this they set up a Facebook page which went pretty much as follows;2. Once people started taking notice of Manx Gas as a real contender for this title, then other things about them started to be noticed too:3. The Steam packet retaliated by releasing a positive news story, however locals remained largely unimpressed:  4. Not to be outdone, the Steam Packet responded by resorting to tried and tested methods of getting in the local news, with locals again, reacting in predictable ways: 5. While the world was dealing with shootings in the USA, we had our own shocking issues to deal with here on the rock: 6. While local police were busy starring in the Island’s latest production of “Cinderfella” and taking cues from fairy tales in order to solve the latest crimes:7. Any slight mishap that occurs on our beloved isle has a way of bringing the locals together in unexpected ways: 8. Arguably the biggest story affecting the Isle of Man this year, to be reported on worldwide was the Paradise Papers debacle. We think the Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips sums up the whole thing with this tweet:9. Although the Paradise Papers resonated worldwide, we believe the biggest story locally speaking, was that known affectionately as “cucumber gate”. Forever crowned by the local Facebook page “Isle of Man, what? Where? When? How? & general help” as the thread that accidentally won the internet that day, a random rant fuelled by perceived crimes to cucumbers by the Co-op from Lorraine Poppy Green gained over 600 comments, a GIF party and a meme off, with even local Co-op staff weighing in. Internet gold. The thread remains and is still active for you to look through and we doff our cap to the lady involved for realising how her rant had been taken but entering into the spirit of things anyway and joining in the joke. Here’s our favourite bits: 10. While it was all going off in Ramsey with cucumbergate, some other residents were just trying to cope with the massive differences encountered when moving from the big smoke to Castletown: 11. The Isle of Man constabulary finally waded in on the Great Manx Driving Debate and said what we all think when running the gauntlet that is Quarterbridge: 12. We marvelled at Jurby joining in the festive fun:13. Some residents REALLY got into the sales pitch aspect of selling on the local buy and sell pages:14. And finally, the Isle of Man Panic Page got an exclusive interview with Bear Grylls in relation to either the water contamination in Douglas, or just his general stance on IOM life, who knows?

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