As Donald Trump had his presidential inauguration in Washington it was revealed that not only does he have Manx links, but he actually spent his formative years on the Island.“Archived records show that a 6 year old Donald Trump was sent to live with his aunt, Beryl Skillen in the winter of 1952. Despite being millionaires his parents thought he was a bit of a bell end already, and relished the chance of a break. Little beige Donald ended up staying on the Island for a further 19 years during which time he worked on a fishing boat and for the highway board. He was extradited back to New York in 1971, for putting a cat in a bin.”Donald Trump


The Isle of Man has been recognised at the Worldwide Traffic Warden summit, held in Milan.“The Isle of Man added to its trophy cabinet over the weekend, after it was recognised for having the highest ratio of traffic wardens to population, boasting two for every person. The Traffic Warden Official Team, or TWOTS as they’re known for short also commended Island wardens on their ability to target towns on rare busy days, and for not shying away from ticketing people in hospital car parks. The award marked the first global recognition for the Island since The Brylcream Boys scooped the Best Picture award at the 1996 Oscars.


One of music’s greatest mysteries solved, as legend reveals subject of ‘You’re so Vain’ to be well known Manx Man.“Carly Simon has decided that after keeping everyone guessing for 45 years, it was finally time to reveal exactly who she was talking about in her hit song ‘You’re So Vain’. Appearing on a late night talk show in America, she was quick to dash the long held theory that it was about film star Warren Beatty, instead confirming that the song was indeed written about former Onchan MHK, Peter Karran. Simon said she and Karran enjoyed a summer of love in the late 60s, during a tour, which saw her play the Island. She said his insistence on only wearing lemon yellow ties, and the fact he spent 2 hours on his hair every morning meant there was only one person the song could be about.”

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