Local tips for staying healthy in the Workplace

It’s the second week of January. You’re back at work after a frivolous festive season. The sight of cheese makes you a lil’ queasy, and you don’t remember the last time you saw a piece of fruit (that wasn’t a garnish in your gin or made into some sort of chutney).

You’ve set yourself some resolutions, and you’re keen to smash ‘em. 2018 is your year, baby.However, your office is a pool of temptation. Your colleagues have selfishly brought their leftover biscuit selections and half-eaten Celebration tubs in to rid their houses of all evil (anyone for a Bounty?). In short, your willpower is being pushed to capacity Every. Single. Day.Sound familiar? We’ve got you.What you need is a workplace wellness initiative. Something you, your colleagues and employers can get involved with. A kickstart for all to encourage and create a healthier, happier and in turn more motivated, workforce.If this sounds like something you’d be interested in implementing, then there are a host of local services you can take advantage of. We’ve kindly listed some ideas below for you – ready for you to take to your HR teams and be the hero your colleagues need!


The big one! Food is mega. Poor food choices can lead to a lack of energy, ill health and generally feeling pretty rubbish.Regular fresh fruit deliveries from Robinsons are a simple and effective way to start encouraging better nutritional health in the workplace. Add a bit of banana to your porridge, or a slice of lemon to your water…go wild! You know what they say, an apple a day and all that.More info on the services that Robinsons can provide for your office can be found here.For those with long-term goals such as weight-loss, training for a sporting event, or even those just looking to add more variety to their diets, Angela from Next Level Nutrition can come in to your office to speak to your workforce.Nutrition talks are a cost-effective way to reach a large number of employees and address multiple topics. Popular services range from one-hour “lunch and learns” to a full day of 1-2-1 consultations for your staff. Talks can be on a variety of nutrition-related topics and all talks can be customised to suit your staff & workplace needs.Prices start from £150. Please get in touch with Angela here for more information.Don’t forget to stay hydrated! 60% of the average human body is made up of water. Drinking water increases energy levels, flushes out any of those nasties, promotes weight loss, and curbs hunger! It’s recommended we drink around 2 litres of water a day, so get your H2O on.

Physical Activity

Get moving! Another biggie. As (we believe) they say, ‘Nobody ever regrets a workout’

Physical movement stimulates thought processes and creativity. Now we’re not saying you need to build a gym in your office, or replace all the desk chairs with gym balls – but consciously encouraging and supporting an active lifestyle among your employees can never be viewed as a bad thing.Why not get a step challenge going? Put those festive Fitbits to good use! Form teams, set targets and encourage some healthy competition.Incentivise an active commute to work, create a lunchtime exercise club (there’s safety in numbers!) or maybe try some yoga?Local personal trainer, Gianni Fabrizio, can offer a variety of services within health and fitness, including personal training and lifestyle improvements for general wellbeing. Find more info on Gianni and his services here.

Positive Mental Health

Mental health is something often overlooked by individuals and companies alike. The term mental health encompasses emotional, psychological and social wellbeing, and can affect more than we realise.Mike Kewley of My Free Mind can offer mindfulness presentations and short-courses to companies who see the need to equip their staff with basic mental and emotional health skills. Mindfulness practice is a form of brain training which develops our inherent qualities of focus, calm, mental clarity and emotional resilience.By putting aside just 10 minutes each day to train, people report a huge reduction in stress, anxiety and mental traffic, as well as a boost in concentration, creativity and productivity. This kind of development not only has a positive impact upon our working life, but on our home life too.You can find out more about mindfulness and what Mike can offer your workforce here.We hope this is a good starting point for you, so go forth and be healthy!

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