Travelling the World with your kids: Volume 1


Do you dream of slapping your notice onto your boss’ desk, packing your bags and just travelling the world?Well, we’re doing just that…and with kids too!…no, really!

We are a family of four (Mum, Dad and two boys) living on the Isle of Man, who have decided to embark on a worldwide adventure. We intend to travel on a fairly strict budget, staying in basic accommodation and exploring the world in a simple, but relaxing way. Sounds impossible, almost crazy?!Well, I can tell you it’s not. Here’s how…

With a little inspiration…

We began contemplating our trip back in April 2015, when we were sat around our lounge, drinking beer and catching up with friends.We chatted about friends who were living in Australia, but were currently on a ‘Round the World’ adventure with their children. Rather than claiming they were mad, we agreed it was an amazing opportunity for all, and that got us thinking (cue the nervous excitement)The next day, I looked at our reality – we, like most people, have a list of responsibilities as long as the Great Wall of China (travel pun intended!) Seriously though, I barely had enough time to do the housework (or so I tell my husband) so when was I going to find time to go travelling?We were also concerned that a dark mist would descend on us the minute we mentioned to the boys’ school that we planned to leave and homeschool the boys, without a teaching degree. But, surprisingly we have escaped this unscathed!

No point in waiting!

The conversation we had with our friends that night over beers had definitely sparked something, and so we asked each other ‘Could WE do this?’Both Keith and I have travelled a bit, pre-kids, backpacking during our youth, so this wasn’t as big a step as it might be for some. We had just never considered it with kids.Whilst pondering this overarching question, the next morning, by happy coincidence, our travelling friends updated their blog with the reasons why they went travelling, all of which resonated with us.Their blog described how they started with the question ‘How can we afford this?’ and reached the conclusion ‘How can we NOT afford to do this? We agreed, and it was at this point that we said – ‘We could do this’. The seed was officially planted!We know that time with our children is precious. Before we know it, we will be greeted by grumpy, stinking, hormonal adolescents with all their fury – God help us! So it just made sense to organise this sooner rather than later.Not only that, but we work so hard to provide for our family and then barely get time to enjoy it. Who decided that that was a good idea?! Having agreed there was no time like the present, we decided to put a plan into action.

Leaving the Island

The boys, then aged 5 and 7, were probably a little too young and whiney to fully appreciate what we were planning, so we decided that it would be easier to wait (but not too long!)We agreed on an initial leaving date of August 2018, as that would be the penultimate year in primary school for our eldest, and left plenty of time for us to change our minds if need be. As it happened there was never any discussion on changing our minds – only leaving sooner.So a new date of April 2018 has been set, and I can now say…we leave the Isle of Man in 3 months’ time!!!You can follow our highs and lows in detail on our blog post, here.

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