We’ve flown in to 2018 with a series of kick-ass greenish events on the Isle of Man, with the Singularity University, Douglas Chapter “Save Manx Seas” event, Bill Dale from Beach Buddies talking at Positively Isle of Man (as well as lots of other places too, Bill, you’ve been busy!) and the implementation of beautiful movements like #StrawlessMann, pioneered by Rock Food Concepts.Since we’re the first entire Island nation in the world to gain the accolade of being a UNESCO world biosphere region, it seems like 2018 might be the year where we can start leading the way to becoming #PlasticFreeMann aswell as #StrawlessMann.Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, but to see the Isle of Man become a pioneer in the world of green justice would be lit.We know the struggle to be green is real, so to help ease the load, there are a few practical tips below that you can start to habitualise in your life and be part of the movement.

“No, just no.”

Take control and take back the power!Economics 101: Supply and demand. If enough of us say no, the market will listen. And, you can say no.First things first, get into the routine of having a reusable bag with you wherever you go, stash a few in the car, the work drawer. Pop a tote in your handbag or pack a reusable in your pants. Whatever it takes to get into that routine. You got this!

Other things you can say no to:

  • plastic tops on coffee cups, if not the cups themselves (see further below on that point)
  • refuse to buy things that have unnecessary packaging
  • take your own bags for loose fruit and veg at the supermarket – you can even make your own if you’re a bit crafty
  • and the real ultimate: think twice, do you even NEED what it is that you’re buying?

All R-R-R-ightyyy then…

If you really want to level up, it doesn’t stop with positive naysaying.You’ve heard of the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle.. but there’s at least one more, refill.Take a reusable drinks cup to your local barista, you’ll even save money if you reuse your cup at some shops around the Isle. Starbucks, for example, gives you 25p off every time you bring in your own cup.Pioneering the way for refilling on the IOM is Top Banana who stock mahoosive containers that you can get your fill from, containing all sorts of smellies, kitchen cleaners, and detergents (all kind, organic and good for the planet as a bonus). So much love for Top Banana!There’s more to come…vertical dispensers have landed and will be fitted soon too! Drop it like it’s hot chaps – take your jars, jugs and bottles to get a top-up of nuts, flour, and all sorts of other goodies.

Other ways to really start making an impact:

Can you borrow something instead of buying it? Are you really going to need that drill more than twice ever?!Frequent the thrift shops – Macklemore made them cool. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.Anndd, make sure you donate your stuff, that 50p you’ll make on eBay really isn’t worth the hassle.Recycle where you can, make it part of weekly or monthly trips. Although we live on the Isle of Man, you don’t need to do the parish walk to get to your nearest recycling haven, you’re only a Manx cat’s whisker away. What can I recycle?Volunteer for a Beach Buddies clean-up event – not only does it help the environment, it’s exercise AND a free activity. Done.

Make it local, where you can

Homegrown produce, grown in your very own back garden biospheric (is that a word?!) conditions. Even if you don’t want to cut down on your meat consumption, you can buy local, good quality meat that hasn’t been imported.It keeps our local farmers in business, cuts down on the CO2 emissions from the travel at least and you know you’re eating good quality meat. Read more about the effects eating meat has on the environment here.We’ve also got more chance of asking (lobbying) local producers to eliminate plastics from their packaging!Place an order online at the IOM Food Assembly here,  and pinpoint your local farm shop. Become a regular! Head there on the way to the amenity site…Grow your own – everyone’s got space for a windowsill herb garden at the very leastThere are some amazing local producers in the drinks space– Roots, Fynoderee, Douglas Gin, RhunessaCheck out the Isle of Man Buy and Sell pages on Facebook or – you might even grab yourself a bargain that doesn’t come in wrapping!There are way, way, way more ways to help the Isle of Man than those listed above, and by doing something right here, right now, we even make a difference for our global brothers and sisters as a happy accident.There are so many other ways to get involved, but making a start is only a good thing!Share your own tips with us, your squad, the world – it’s so very 2018!

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