Whether you’re:In a (hell)ationship – you hate Valentine’s and everything it stands for, but have to go along with it because your better half says so.In a relationship – The pair of you are perfectly happy and don’t feel the need to dedicate a day to loving each other.Single – and ready to mingle (oi oi)You’re bound to have some sort of feelings towards Valentine’s day. It’s not for everyone, and we at Gef understand that.So, we’ve put together a list of 14 anti-V-day activities you can get up to today…

  • Go to the Saddle – Possibly the most anti V-day establishment the Isle has to offer. No ‘love’ themed bevvies here, just a good ol’ pint of bitter. (Not that you’re bitter…obv)
  • Send someone along to M&S to pick you up a Valentine’s ‘Dine in for Two’ Meal Deal (so you can avoid the roses, and the lunchtime queues – winner). Treat yo’self and eat it all to yourself tonight. Or share it with a friend if you’re feeling generous? (…but not the wine of course)


  • Get off the planet for a bit by heading to the Dome, for an immersive planetarium experience #GeekOut
  • Head to the Erin’s Art Centre to watch ‘A Street Cat named Bob’
  • Take your other half for a meal in a bar, conveniently find the Champions League being shown in the same place…(thank us later)


  • Stuff your face with ‘leftover’ pancakes (AKA make more pancakes [because what are leftovers?!] and enjoy round 2 of the best day of the year)
  • Order pizza and ask them to write you a poem on the box. Don’t forget to Instagram it though so it looks like you’re loved! #Blessed
  • Get your Mum/Gran/Auntie to send you a Valentine. They’ll love you whatever. #EndlessLove
  • Unfriend everyone in a relationship on Facebook, because you can’t be arsed with the endless pics of homemade 3 coursers and the overpriced bouquets of flowers #LuckyGirl
  • Celebrate Galentine’s Day! A celebration of one’s gal-friends (which usually takes place on V-Day eve, but who needs an excuse for a girl’s night in?) Sisters are doing it fo’ themselves and alla’ dat.


  • Watch True Romance at the Bath & Bottle Speakeasy Cinema, cry into a delicious Proposal.
  • Hide under the duvet with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and wait for the inevitable half price battery & chocolate day tomorrow.


  • Reassure your other half that “We’ll celebrate it on the weekend” … don’t celebrate.
  • Just go to work as normal and because it’s WEDNESDAY and everyone knows the only day worth getting excited about in February was yesterday, PANCAKE DAY.
  • Focus on the fact there’s only ONE HUNDRED DAYS until TT 2018 where our little Island well and truly comes ALIVE…we can smell the burning rubber already!


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