Fact Check: How cold is it actually going to be this week?


In a word, it’s going to be quite literally “Baltic” this week on the Isle of Man.Cold air from Mother Russia (ya thanks, Putin) is getting whipped over our way, scaring off our lovely jetstream-warmed air and replacing it with bastard cold winds.The boys and girls at the Isle of Man Met Office are predicting “stiff and bitter wind” (heh) and “near zero or sub-zero temperatures” as low as -3 degrees celsius! Smashing!While that is admittedly a bit nippy…we wondered if, in this era of fake weather news, we all might be getting slightly carried away. There must have colder times on our sunny Isle, right?So we got hold of some meteorological data* for the last 55 years and fired up the spreadsheet to see how this “Big Freeze” compares to other years.Here are some of the headlines. Yay, DATA!

It’s really not going to be that cold…

The coldest February on the Isle of Man since 1960 was back in 1969, when the lowest temperature measured at Ronaldsway was an eye-watering -7.4 degrees celsius!That’s as cold as Nuuk in Greenland! Minus three you say? Whatevs.

The Isle of Man was as cold as Russia

While -7.4 is certainly cold, spare a thought for the hardy Manx souls inhabiting this island in 1961, whose Christmas must’ve been pretty miserable facing an extreme minimum temperature in December of -9.1 degrees celsius!To put that into context, that’s the average December temperature in the far-eastern Russian city of Vladivostok! Frosty.

Our Coldest Colds are Becoming Less Cold

It’s only a small date range and we’re no climate boffins but the Isle of Man’s coldest temperatures have been getting, erm, less cold over the past fifty five years.If our sums add up, our coldest temperatures have been getting roughly 15% warmer every year on average since 1960.Did someone mention climate change? Yes? No? Donald?So there you go folks, yes it’s going to be a bit couth this week but if your mate starts moaning too much, tell them “it’s nothin’ compared to my day fella!” (even if you weren’t born for another 40 odd years).—*Data from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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