Do you feel you’re at a dead end at work? Looking to embark on a new career path? Or do you simply have no clue about what to do next, after ruling out the ideas of being a brain surgeon/horse whisperer? Then why not consider a career in the exciting and rapidly growing business of Sports Trading? Local company Newfield are looking for enthusiastic new recruits to join their ever-growing family.Feeling the corporate drain?The nag of office life; the politics, the bureaucracy, getting the brews in, OOH texts and emails from the boss while you’re trying to catch up on Peaky Blinders. The list goes on. Being in a work environment you’re not thriving in is pretty grim.  It’s easy to beat yourself up and resign yourself to thinking you’re on the dull corporate treadmill forever.However, If you’ve got decent maths skills, then we bring you hope…Who or what is Newfield exactly I hear you all ask? Well, let me explain, Newfield is a Sports Trading Outfit specialising in horse and dog racing. Anyone lucky enough to have joined the team, has received generous pay and great perks; gym memberships and free food, two things a Manxman (or Manxwoman) will never turn down!They have grown faster than Donald Trump’s enemy list, and from having just two members of staff since their beginnings 6 years ago they now have over 100 today with strong year on year growth set to continue in 2018. This has seen Newfield quickly become a staple of the Manx e-gaming industry. One of the main focuses of Newfield is recruitment and they are keen to add to their expanding team. On average, they employ four new members of staff a month and each new employee is provided with a rigorous training period to help them progress through the ranks from their junior roles. The company are ideally looking for people who are interested in sport and have decent math skills, but fear not if you don’t fit that description you can also still apply! // ultimate work-life balance Ultimately, this job aims to provide the best work-life balance the company can offer. What I’m sure will be music too many readers ears is that in this job you will only be responsible for yourself, you come in, trade and go home…simple. No managing staff, no annoying to do lists and no more of those meetings that take place on an almost daily basis with tonnes of chat, but no outcome. So if you’re keen to finally make the break from your daily grind, then come apply at Newfield to kick-start your new exciting journey.