The Gefachella LOW-DOWN


14:00  – a warm bloody welcome

Meet & greet Marys, extra spicy.

14:30 – 19:00 -‘Up here for thinking’

What the Gef

Panel: A briefing on all things Gef The Mongoose; where Gef’s been and where he’s going…and some nuggets on performance marketing with business, Peggy & Mills.Featuring: Team Gef / Peggy & Mills

It Starts With Why

Panel: Successful businesses are typically driven by something that isn’t self centred. Here, our panel of those that have been there and done that are on hand to help you understand your passion, your purpose, your ‘Why?’Featuring: Peter Glover (Best Self You), Jamie Blair (Roots Bev Co), Angela Clucas (Next Level Nutrition), Robert Hester (Appreciate)

An Idiots Guide to Funding

Panel: Finding the best funding to fit your business objectives can be tough, even for the cleverest of cookies…In this panel, we bust through the B.S. and lay out the options, pure and simple!Featuring: Pauline Smith (Greenwave Accountants), Jamie Lewis (lewislewis), Paul Maddocks (Department for Enterprise), Daryl Callister (IOM Bank)

How to Learn, Learn & Learn Some More

Talk: Building resilience and taking every opportunity to learnFeaturing: Carol Glover (Best Self You)

Fail Fast, Learn & Move On

Panel: When the going gets tough, it really is time for the tough to get going…Our panel of starter-uppers that are right there in the same boat with you, share stories of their own “lessons learned”.Featuring: Tom Gough (Thomas Patrick), Pauline Smith (Greenwave Accountants), Carol Clover (Best Self You), Fiona Fitzpatrick.

Stop. Collaborate & Listen

Panel: Vanilla Ice had it spot on. Collaboration is totally better than competition. By working and growing together, we can share ideas to create better ideas.Growing as a collective, rather than going it alone.Featuring: Miles Petit (Noa Bakehouse), Jamie Lewis (lewislewis), Kim Graziano (Kim Gee Studio / Keird Collective), Heidi Baker (The Flower Studio / SHE)

19:00 – 23:45 – ‘Down there for dancing’

La Costenas Taco BarForaging Vintners Pop-UpHip-Hop KaraokeUNDRGRND DJ’sPsyched? Get yourself a ticket! Tickets available here.Read more on all our incredible speakers here.

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