We like to party, we like, WE LIKE TO PARTY!


Local creative digital agency Peggy & Mills and events business, lewislewis are joining forces to forge a new events division for the agency, branded ‘Peggy + Lewis’.Peggy & Mills, today announced its acquisition of lewislewis, forging the partnership to end all partnerships… Peggy + Lewis, so expect some sh!t hot events coming to a town near you!

Peggy & Mills launched in October 2017 with a team of of four, the Douglas based company now employs seven. The business is also Gef the Mongoose’s founding baby daddy.The merger, fuses Peggy & Mills’ industry-leading expertise in creative performance marketing with additional capabilities in innovative and unique event management.

Kate Hegarty, Director at Peggy & Mills said;“We’ve enjoyed significant growth in just a few short months, In addition to Jamie, we’ve taken on two extra team members to support our growing customer base.Our merger comes at a crucial time for the Island. We’re seeing more demand for higher standards in creative and digital application to reach audiences who now live online.Attitudes are changing, younger audiences expect more from brands. Being different is more prized than fitting in. And black and white thinkers are being left behind.”We’re lucky to be working with a many IoM and UK business brands; with campaigns across all verticals. Although Peggy & Mills is relatively new agency, our growing team have significant experience working in the private and public sector.Jamie joins us at a great time and brings valuable experience, skill sets and unique creativity. His expertise means we can offer our existing clients further services and we’re also looking forward to welcoming Jamie’s existing clients to the Peggy group”Jamie joins the team as Creative Director, assuming a wider creative role at the business as well as leading the event division. Jamie said;“Having spent the last year developing and managing an array of unique and creative events, it’s clear there is both an appetite and requirement for something a little out of the ordinary.When the lewislewis journey began little over a year ago, our primary aim was to curate a schedule of exciting events that provided an element of escapism here on the Isle of Man. Both private and business events are a huge part of island life; in our small community the right event can have a huge impact.As our island is so small, getting that unique theme or concept can be difficult. Our point of difference lies in that we never use a theme twice, with each customer getting their own one off event experience, tailored to their own personal requirements.Peggy & Mills share our culture and passion for delivering creative and impactful solutions. By joining forces, I can continue to lead the way in developing events and campaigns that ‘buck the trend’, with the added support of their superstar team of designers, writers and digital wizards.”.As well as servicing businesses, Peggy & Lewis will also host public events. Since merging on the 1st March the firm have hosted the Island’s first three day Gin Festival and a grassroots business festival, Gefachella.Next up is ‘Gef’s Big Top’ at the Bushy’s TT Village.

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