If you didn’t already know, Gef the Mongoose has secured his very own ‘Big Top Tent’ atop the Villa Marina collonade for TT fortnight.So, it only seems right to kick off our themed festivities (whilst Gazza B is on at the Villa Marina) with a fckn crackin’ Gary Barlow themed soiree!

For those who JUST LOVE A BIT OF GAZ, we’re bringing you a night of pure GARY BARLOW on Monday 28th May.

What to expect:

    • Copious Gary themed cocktails
    • A mean 90s disco complete with the Island’s first Garyeoke Sing-A-Long
    • So many Gary masks


What not to expect:

  • Any slowies before 11
  • Your fire to remain unlit
  • Any mention of Robbie Williams

Tickets are likely to sell out in 2 minutes, much like the OG tickets to see the big man, so you better move quickly!WHO KNOWS, Gaz himself might even make an appearance*

 We’ll open at 5pm for ‘Pre Gary – Gary, our first sitting is for those of you lucky enough to have bagged tickets; come join us for pre-Gary bevs and get your Gary juices going!At 7.30pm we will start the official “I didn’t get a ticket to see Gary” party, for those of you that weren’t lucky enough to bag yourself a ticket to see the Gaz-meister.Tickets are a fiver and include a Gaz mask, head here to get them http://gef.im/buyticketsPlans for Tuesday will be announced SOON!*absolutely unlikely and not confirmed but we can only PRAY…it’d only take a minute…right Gaz?

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