It all started with a client request to host, power and support 6 ethereum rigs.Now, the Douglas based facility hosts 26 ethereum rigs and anticipates further growth in demand.Mining involves the use of high performance hardware that can solve algorithms quickly and with absolute accuracy. Anybody with access to the internet and the right hardware can become a “miner”, however the process is time consuming and rather difficult.Mining crypto generates huge amounts of heat, and it can be very difficult to keep a smaller room or even a basement, cold enough to avoid damaging the hardware. Data centres on the other hand, are built with custom cooling solutions in mind.The Wi-Manx data centre is 1044 square meters and has strong supplies of redundant power, cooling and network connectivity – making it perfect for even the most demanding hosting environments.Many miners are considered to be long term investors in cryptocurrency, and they calculate investment return over a long period.If you want to get involved in mining, watch the video below and get in-touch with Wi-Manx today.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSNwSZeXHG8

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