Motivation is something that is totally different for everyone.For some people, it comes from others.For other people, motivation comes from within.It’s simply a matter of finding that little thing that makes you think

“Let’s get up, get out and do something great”

Whether motivation spurs from the mission of you trying to be your best self, or whether you are trying to show a naysayer that they should have never doubted you, it should grip you with such a grasp that it’s impossible to escape, and frankly, you shouldn’t want to be in a state of demotivation.Motivation is what drives a person to be better, to go further, to be everything they can be.There are a number of thoughts that I use to motivate myself, and I thought I would share them with the intention of inspiring others to do something great.

Number 1 : Who am I to let myself down?

Yes, there are people who can promise you the world, and you can put every ounce of trust in them that you could muster, but the reality is, any person could let you down.They could lie, they could break a promise, they could be deceitful – it doesn’t even need to be intentional, sometimes these things can just happen.But tell me, how can you really let yourself down? It makes no logical sense.You have the potential to do anything you promise yourself.You cannot let you down if you are the one taking action. If you ask someone to get you a glass of water, and they come back empty handed, what do you do? You get up and get your own glass of water.Look what you did…you got what you wanted, by taking the right steps to do it.If you want to achieve something, no one but you can really stand in the way of getting that something.I will not be the person that lets myself down! Only you can ensure that.

Number 2 : Who am I to say I shouldn’t have something?

What is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to learn a new skill? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to do something extraordinary?Now, are you the same person who prevents you reaching that goal? Always saying you’ll get to it later, or saying that it wasn’t meant for you?Well, why not you and why not now?Why shouldn’t you be doing something great?Sometimes it feels like people are living too much of a passive life – letting things slip by, watching opportunities run away, and simply saying it wasn’t meant for them.That’s not the case. If you want something, GO GET IT, GO BE IT, GO LIVE IT!Don’t let it slip by. What harm does it do to be brave and take a step towards a change?

Number 3 : Who do I want to be?

What would it take for you to be happy with you? Think about it…Now, what are those things, and how do you get there? What are you currently doing in your life to get to where you want to be?You control the moment you are in.Where you are in life, that’s because of every single step and every little decision you have ever made.So start taking the right steps, and start making the right decisions.You owe it to yourself to be the best person you can be. Do what you need to do for you.You’ll regret not making the change for a better self – so stop building up the regrets and start the change to prideful actions.

“Yes, I did that thing I was scared to do. I accomplished this task. I made myself proud.”

Are those words that you want to say to yourself? What is stopping you?A goal is easy to find – so go and find something that sets your life alight and your passion blazing, and don’t stop until it’s yours.

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