Download Gef’s Worldcup Office Sweepstake


It’s that time again, The FIFA Football World Cup, which means… OFFICE SWEEPSTAKE.Gef is here to help you and your office out with a free downloadable sweepstake kit and some suggestions on how to make it a bit more interesting.

Now, football isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but throw some prize money in there and more often than not Sandra from accounts who is into Equestrian and Pilates will have a pop.Office Sweepstakes bring everyone out of the woodwork, football nerds and complete numpty’s who know nothing about the sport, it creates some good office banter in the kitchen and provides a bit of a talking point.However, in normal sweepstakes you find that interest can dwindle when you draw out a minnow and when England predictably go out on penalties.

Everyone wants a Germany, and nobody wants a Panama. There is however ways you can spice up the sweepstake to keep everyone engrossed.How to make your Sweepstake different?Well simple really, make a sweepstake where everybody has a chance, where it doesn’t matter if you pick out an Iran because you can still win the big bucks. Keep everyone interested and you will be the office hero when handing over the golden envelopes at the end.Here are Gef’s suggestions that can be awarded in your office sweepstake;

Alternative office sweepstake

#1  The dirty buggers

Dirtiest team in the competition, 1 point for a yellow card and 2 points for a red card,tie-breakk decided on who has more reds.Nobody wants to lose out on a technicality. Historically the South American’s are the dirtiest teams, so maybe a Peru could be a winner?


#2 Golden boot

This is a lottery, getting Portugal & Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t mean you will get the win. In 1994, Oleg Salenko won the golden boot scoring 6 goals in only 3 games for Russia. So anybody has a chance! Step forward Danny Welbeck.

#3 Most goals conceded in competition

This is for you Saudi Arabia’s out there. Usually, you would draw out a team like this and it would hurt, but not now. You can strut around the office gloating when your team lose 5-0. You may find yourself watching your team and wanting them to get a stuffing.

#4 Fastest goal of the competition

Every team has a chance of this. The record? Turkey’s Hakan Sukur with 11 seconds in 2002.

#5 Longest goal

Tape measure at the ready, whoever scores the longest goal wins. Simple really. Winning some dosh from some goal from the halfway line, oh you beauty.

#6 The winner (obvs)

to keep Sweepstake peace it’s probably wise you include the winning team in the prizes. It’s a classic really and allows interest all the way to the end of the competition, the bookies favourites are Zee Germans.


How to organise for your office

Now you have read our suggestions and want to set up your office sweepstake, before you go to the trouble of cutting up those 32 teams, here are a few things you must know before you commit:

  • You WILL be accused of fixing the competition, especially if you win money. If you draw put a decent team there will be calls to HR for the sack
  • Get the money before hand, no pay no enter, cough it up, show me the money. You might seem like a bit of a tight bastard but you will save much of the hassle.
  • Entry fee needs to be inclusive enough for the colleagues who don’t give a damn but big enough for the big spenders. If you have enough people in your office maybe you can run a high stakes and low stakes sweepstake? But a solid fiver a go will give you a pot of £160
  • You may fall out with people if your team beats theirs on penalties, it’s a given, but it’s a laugh.

So you’re prepared, download our sweepstake kit here.

The World Cup starts on 14th of June and ends on the 15th of July. Good luck!

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