The fair is on the ferry and the pop-up drinking holes are nothing but a distant, slightly fuzzy memory.TT 2018 is definitely over.But before we return to humdrum of life without Bushy’s TT Village, let’s remind ourselves of the highs and lows of the last fortnight via Twitter.

The stage was set for a memorable TT and as the temperature continued to rise, so did our race fever… Tweet 2TT Tweet 3 TT Tweet 4

Lap and race records were set to fall, but this legend wouldn’t be adding to his tally…

TT Tweet 5

By his own admission, Hutchy wasn’t on race pace…

TT Tweet 6

But his reputation helped this guy to a few more followers…

TT Tweet 7

Local production company Greenlight Television was back in charge of TV coverage, adding two new faces to the presentation team…

TT Tweet 8

Practice week was, quite literally, flying by

And the weather made us feel like we were all on our hols…

TT Tweet 9

TT Tweet 10But with the massive highs came the devastating lows. Local hero Dan Kneen lost his life during Wednesday night’s practice session

TT Tweet 11TT Tweet 12

Racing got underway on Saturday 2nd June. Hope they chose chips, cheese and gravy!

TT Tweet 13

Michael Dunlop added to his impressive tally (how is he still only 29?!)

TT Tweet 14

Dean Harrison gained plenty of new fans…

TT Tweet 15

Peter Hickman’s lap record in the Senior Race handed the title of the World’s Fastest Road Race back to the TT

TT Tweet 16

One of our local heroes and the ‘Coffee King’ kept our engines lit with two podium finishes…

TT Tweet 17

While the original ‘Manx Missile’ was full of praise for the riders

TT Tweet 18

Away from the bikes, Après TT was life…

TT Tweet 19TT Tweet 20TT Tweet 21TT Tweet 22TT Tweet 23

As were the selfies…

TT Tweet 24TT Tweet 25(From 2014 but it’s fine!) 

And we all clambered for a pic of HRH…

TT Tweet 26

In summary: TT2018 was pretty exceptional, wasn’t it?

TT Tweet 27 Tweet 28TT Tweet 29

How many days to go?

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