Mindful Mann 2018 is a brand new well-being festival taking place on Saturday 30th June at the Community Farm in Douglas, with a mission to inspire your mind, body and spirit.The one-day festival has been organised by Mindfulness Teacher Mike Kewley to celebrate and promote mental health, well-being and spirituality on the Island.

Who is Mike?

Mike spent years travelling to India, Nepal, Burma and Pakistan, seeking out Masters of Meditation and Enlightened Gurus.Since returning the to Island in 2008 to teach Mindfulness, he’s felt passionate about making well-being and personal growth accessible to everyone, without having to trek to the Himalayas or hack through Jungles. His idea was to create a well-being festival here on the Island, and invite world-class spiritual teachers, authors, yogi’s and mental health experts to share their wisdom, knowledge and experience, right on our doorstep.Mike says:”Our Island is a stunning location to host a well-being festival and attract people motivated by self-development and community spirit. There is a growing community of people all over the world who are now waking up to the fact that living in disconnected and dysfunctional ways, doesn’t create the happiness we deserve. This festival is a direct manifestation of a message we all need to hear:

“We are not broken and we do not need to be fixed.”

As well as bringing together some of the Island’s most renowned yoga and meditation teachers, Mike has invited inspirational keynote speakers and authors from the UK, to give talks and workshops exploring meditation, psychological growth and enlightenment. Here we find out some more about them…


Steve Taylor

Steve TaylorPerhaps the best known speaker is Transpersonal Psychologist and Best-selling Author, Steve Taylor.For the last four years Steve has been included in Mind, Body, Spirit Magazine’s list of the ‘100 most spiritually influential living people’ (this year at no. 62) and his books include Waking From Sleep, The Fall, Out of the Darkness, Back to Sanity, and The Calm Center. His latest book is The Leap: The Psychology of Spiritual Awakening.Eckhart Tolle, Author of The Power of Now, has described Steve’s work as “an important contribution to the shift in consciousness which is happening on our planet at present.”Steve will be giving a keynote lecture in the Hay-Barn called ‘Returning to Harmony: Cultivating Spiritual Awakening,’ which will explore the ways in which we can actively move towards a deeper understanding of ourselves.

Zahir Khan

Zahir KahnAlso visiting is Zahir Khan, a Spiritual Teacher in the Islamic Sufi tradition, which is perhaps best known through the ecstatic poetry of Rumi, Hafiz and the meditative dancing of the whirling dervishes.Zahir is currently based in Manchester and holds regular meetings and workshops throughout the UK exploring different paths to Self-Realisation and Awakening. He is the author of, ‘Falling into the Mystery’ which details his own arduous journey from depression to enlightenment.

Nicole Schnakenberg

Nicole SchnakenbergNicole, a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, will also be giving a keynote speech called ‘Mindfulness, Suffering and Wholeness’.Nicole is the author of False Bodies, True Selves and co-facilitates the UK’s first ‘Eat Breathe Thrive’ yoga programme for food and body image issues in Putney, London.

Richard Cox

Nicole will be joined by Richard Cox, an Island-based meditation teacher, principally influenced by the Advaita Vedanta tradition of India. He has a strong interest in the embodiment of spirituality, which he studied through the martial art of Aikido for many years.Richard has developed a program called Unbreaking the Mirror to explore spiritual or transpersonal approaches to engaging with body image disorders.

Nathan Godolphin

NathanAlso speaking is Nathan Godolphin, a Brighton-based Author, Yogi and Teacher of Non-duality.Nathan’s books include The Timeless, Essence and Experience, and The Non-Dual and The Dual. He will be giving a talk in the Hay-Barn entitled Oneness and Separation: The Story of the Self.Nathan says: “All my work comes back to – and comes from – The Universal Spiritual Core, it is about returning to this one pure consciousness. Through direct enquiry and experience, this is our self-realisation. It is ours to have, to be. to live. Living from here, in the awareness of our spiritual truth – in the world – is divine integration.”

Fiona McAuley

Joining Nathan as a keynote speaker is Fiona McAuley, a teacher of Aikido with over 25 years experience.Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art, often translated as “the way of harmonious spirit” and has a fascinating philosophy which involves cultivating a sense of well-being for the attacker.Fiona will be leading a workshop using the basics of this martial art to explore embodiment through mindful movement, guiding participants into a greater sense of connection with themselves and others. This practice has benefits not only on a physical level, but reveals how we can move through all areas of life with more harmony and freedom.

Graham Clucas

Graham ClucasFinally, Graham Clucas, Founder of the new Manx Trauma Recovery Community, Quing, will be in the Hay-Barn, to start the day off with a talk exploring the themes of pilgrimage and spiritual growth.Graham is Manx born and bred and has spent time both in prison and secure mental health facilities. In 2005 he made the decision to walk away from the services that were in his eyes meant to ‘heal’ him and his old life; embarking on a spiritual quest. During this quest Graham studied under many teachers and experienced many different spiritualities.These would include the full spectrum of Christianity from Evangelicalism to the spirituality of the Eastern Churches and the Desert Fathers. During the last six years he has developed an interest in pilgrimage and undertaken a 2,000 mile, four-month odyssey to the “end of the world.”In 2016, Graham returned to the Isle of Man from London and began the work that grew into Quing: a charity that describes itself as a Trauma Recovery Community and offers an opportunity to self-actualise and truly heal from past traumas.

Who else will be there?

Well known local teachers will also be offering open-classes and workshops, including yoga teachers, Heidi Danaher, Sue Woolley, Esther Jones, Aoife Belle and Janet Bradley from the Shine Om Yoga Studio, Meditation and Mindfulness Teachers, Richard Cox and Julie Bibby, Women’s Health Specialist Rachel Kermeen, Luke Adebiyi from Lloyd’s Bank, and Lorcan O’Mahoney from new Mental Health talking circle, Headland.There will also be live music from Andy North, guitar virtuoso Pete Lumb and Biskee Brisht (winners of the Arrane Son Mannin 2018), art and creativity with Billee Saade, writing for well-being with Janet Lees, Oriental Dance from Gwenael LaSirene, and an Indian Kirtan music workshop.Food and drink will be provided by Island favourites Flo the Coffee Van, Secret Pizza Company, Mother T’s Chai Stall, Happy Cows Vegan Bakery and Rosa’s Pantry.

 Tickets for Mindful Mann 2018 are £25.00 and available online here, or by searching Mindful Mann 2018 on Facebook. Under 16’s go free.

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