Month: July 2018

My WHY: Leading by example

*UPDATE* DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS, GEORGE WILL NOW DEPART FROM GANSEY POTTERY AT 6AM, WITH AN ESTIMATED ARRIVAL TIME OF 8:45 – 9:30 IN CASTLETOWN HARBOUR Last week we caught up with local lad George Blackwell who is swimming a whopping 6639 meters from Castletown to Gansey, in aid […]

Gef Books reach Siyama in Uganda

Gef ran a competition back in March to Celebrate International Women’s day. Some lovely, inspiring books were awarded to two well-deserved winners. Local girl Caitlyn and Siyama, who lives in Uganda and is sponsored by local lass Shannon Greenwood. Yesterday we received the wonderful news that Siyama’s books had made […]

Are we sending too many people to prison?

The Isle of Man government are revamping the Criminal Justice strategy and they’d like ideas and feedback from the taxpayer. One objective of the consultation is to see fewer people entering the criminal justice system, reducing the number going through the courts and of re-offending. Specifically, the Department of Home […]

Keep CALM and carry on, George!

Hi George, tell us a bit about yourself and the fundraising you’ve been doing? So I’m a born Manxie, home has always been here on the Isle of Man. I spent a few years based away, chasing a career playing rugby, however home is where the heart is, right?At the […]

Super Sunday on the IOM

So England may be out of the World Cup, but that doesn’t mean Sunday has to be miserable.There’s loads of things going on around the Isle today…HERE’S A LIST (we like lists) #1 World Cup Final Heartbreakers Croatia take on France for a chance to become World Cup title holders. […]

CGM: Living a prick free life

If you know a diabetic, or someone with a diabetic child, chances are they’ve spoken to you at some point about continuous glucose monitoring (CGM).In this article, I’ll explain what CGM is, and 5 reasons that it’s absolutely game-changing for those with diabetes. So what is CGM? Continuous glucose monitoring […]

Weather related small talk

Well would you look at those clouds. Fluffy, grey, majestic beasts.We’ve missed ya. We’ve finally stopped sweating profusely and it feels great.The weather related small talk will be through the roof today, so here’s a list of weather related one-liners you can use…‘I can’t remember where I put my coat […]

Cycle 360 gets their French on…

With World Cup hype currently at fever pitch, you’d have been forgiven (until now) for thinking that the Tour de France would pass you by rather inconspicuously.However, thanks to the freshest events space on the Island, Cycle 360, you have the perfect place to get your French on in the […]


So as we continue with, possibly, the best summer EVER, we had a quick chat in Gef HQ about how it could be made better…Now although we are a FIERCELY independent nation, we do have high number English folk on our fair shores and as much as we love the […]

Our Sunshine Isle

Well we don’t yet know who did it, but some kind soul has clearly lassoed our little Rock and dragged us closer to the equator for us to enjoy a REAL SUMMER*All those really nice pictures of the Island from the 70s of the jam-packed beaches are suddenly relatable. Everybody […]

How to conquer your CV

A good CV is a powerful document. Whether you’re an eager-beaver looking for your first job or an old-hat taking the next step up the corporate ladder, having a strong CV will secure job interviews with leading firms.// shows that you have just 8.8 seconds to stand out so you […]