Hi Jess! Tell us a bit about yourself. How long have you worked for Paragon, and how did you get into recruitment?

So I started working as a Recruitment Consultant at Paragon last August – wow nearly a year now!!As most people in this industry will say, recruitment is definitely something you do just fall in to; it’s a perfect match for my skills and career aspirations.I previously worked in Accountancy for near on 5 years; in this time I gained valuable experience working at a Local Accountancy Practice and Trust Company and also obtained my CAT Qualification. After concluding my studies at this point, I decided I wanted a career change into something where I could focus on helping people, have increased customer/client contact and ultimately gain the job satisfaction found in making a difference.An opportunity arose at Paragon, so I went for it….and I got the job! ☺

What’s your role in the team?

Since starting at Paragon, my role has developed considerably; I initially worked solely on the permanent side of the business, but I completed my Recruitment (REC) exams, and I’m now much more involved in the temporary and contract aspect too – using both my accounting and recruitment knowledge!The positions I manage can be anything from short term temporary contracts that may be suitable for students or flexi-workers, contract roles that could be ideal for an individual who may be unsure about which career to embark upon, through to permanent positions in various industry sectors including banking, accountancy, life assurance, e-gaming, and many more.I meet with an array of candidates, ranging from school leavers and graduates seeking their first role, to individuals with a number of years professional work experience under their belt, whether that be in financial services or other industry sectors.As a recruitment agency, we provide support to candidates throughout their whole journey, from our first meeting offering advice, discussing relevant and exciting opportunities that would be a suitable fit for their specific skills and personality, supporting interview preparation, all the way up to offer stage, negotiation, resignation and finally to our candidate’s first day in their new job!Another important aspect of the role is building and maintaining client relationships, ensuring consistent delivery of a professional, friendly and efficient service in order to make our client’s recruitment process as smooth as possible – that is of course what we’re here for!//

What did you do when you left school?

Well I knew that University wasn’t for me. I’d had a part-time job since I was 14 and a taste for earning money, so I just wanted to get out in to the work place.With lots of my friends heading off to Uni and before I settled down into my first full-time job, I decided I wanted a bit of a blow out too, so I went to live in Tenerife for 3 months where I worked for a Chinese restaurant and nightclub (Living the dream!).When I ran out of money and had had enough of partying, I came home and got myself a job as a Trainee Accountant.

What do you think life is like for a twenty-something year old living on the Isle of Man?

I’m not originally from the Island. I moved over when I was about 7 with my family and am now a fully converted Islander!I know some people think the Isle of Man can be restrictive, but I have to say, I love it here! I spend most of my spare time outdoors walking the dog, kayaking, biking and having BBQ’s with my family, friends and fiancé. Can’t complain with the recent weather we’ve had either!I’m 25 and past the stage of going ‘out out’ every weekend, basically I just can’t handle the hangovers; it’s totally not worth the pain!But occasionally, I do love a good night out with all the girls… we’ll all get dressed up in ‘jeans and a nice top’, polish off a few bottles of prosecco, head to B&B for a few proposals, and I hate to say it, but we inevitably always end up in the OB, you just can’t beat it!

Have you noticed a change in the number of students attending university over the years? (If so, what do you think the reasons are for this?)

We tend to see quite an even spread of students attending university and others choosing to stay on the Island. I think the Isle of Man offers an extensive range of opportunities for school leavers, whether it means them going straight into full-time employment, securing an apprenticeship or attending UCM to continue their studies.Equally, for a lot of students with specific career paths in mind, University certainly provides them with excellent experience and a stepping stone towards that chosen career.

And finally, what’s your favourite drink from the Paragon bar?

I’ve recently jumped on the gin wagon so a classic Hendricks G&T with cucumber is a favourite of mine – If it’s Caitlin or Dean behind the bar on a Friday afternoon, you can guarantee it’ll be strong one! Alternatively you can’t go wrong with a prosecco.

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