1. Warming our cockles with Mother T’s delicious sweet potato & coconut Dal during Friday’s eves DOWNPOUR. The little hug in a bowl felt like a genuine gift from Mother Theresa herself.2. All things Wellness at the Hive. Yoga, dynamic breath work, ecstatic dance, kirtan, you name it, they had it! And we joined it. Our night time alter egos are forever indebted to Lauren and her wonderful worker bees for making us feel renewed & wholesome. Namaste3. Blowing of Friday nights’ cobwebs, sweating ourselves to health and making new pals, courtesy of our pals over at Active Souls. British Bulldog’s?! Hell yerrh4. Channeling our inner boho selves with tie-dye, bindi’s & space buns. Living our best life!5. Raving amongst our pals, parents, pets & extended family to legendary 90’s Hip-hop artists Chali2na & Krafty Kuts on Saturday night. Errr, the highlight of our LIFE.6. Soothing our souls with Davidsons delicious TUMERIC & BLACK, WHITE CHOCOLATE Dark Horse ice-cream special. INSANELY GOOD. Shout out to the ice-cream gods for keeping us cool on the most sweltering Sunday ever known to Mann.7. Sharing breakfast delights with wandering & hungry vagabond strangers, cast ashore from the mainland. Freddy we love you8. Our mindful hour with Mike Kewley. Mike is to spirituality what the moon is to the night. Say no more.9. Snuggling with the gals in a pillow pit, drinking brews made on the camping stove and sheltering from the blowin’ hoolie that was threatening to bring down our sturdy bed-sheet den.10. Tapping out our festival angst with a ‘Love you Inner Self’ workshop. Basically a new person right now.11. Dancing the night away (literally, bye Sunday, Hello Monday) to some seriously smooooth tunes, spun by our good ol’ pals at Sound Records.12. Our moment out ‘amongst the fields of barley’, channeling our inner Eva Cassidy and soaking up alllll the vibes from beyond yonder (other side of the river) This place is just too damn beautiful. Silly Moo’s campsite, we love you!13. The End- that moment when you pack your questionable, festival-self back in your car, grass in hair and hand on heart- and say WOAAH- WHAT A BANGER THAT WAS.See ya next year Dark Horse, you massive babe!var bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”bdnaoaqfu”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1555338010,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};//cdn.bannersnack.com/iframe/embed.js