If you’re reading this expecting some top tips on how to navigate the aisles of the Nation’s favourite frozen food supermarket à la Kerry Katona fame, this isn’t the article for you, so move along my friend.But if you’re here to delve into the landscape of our Viking brethren and see what Iceland the country has to offer you then I can confirm you’re in the right place. Hurrah!

Whilst here at Gef we love our rock in the middle of the Irish sea, it is important to escape from time-to-time. And let’s face it, travelling to mainland UK to catch a connecting flight to anywhere outside of the British Isles can often result in an extra two days eating into your already-precious holiday time.Couple this with Manannan deciding last minute that he wants to get his cloak out, can be the stuff of short-break nightmares.Enter the ultimate dream…direct flights from the Isle of Man to Iceland. Time to dig out those mittens and immerse yourself in some Nordic mythology has never seemed so right.My love of Iceland first manifested over my love of Björk, particularly the lead single from her third solo album, Homogenic.Jóga, is a love letter from Björk to her native homeland; electronic beats thud with volcanic drive and the sweeping strings are a nod to shining, sliding glaciers. The music and lyrics evoked such a sense of Iceland’s landscape and thus my love of Iceland was born.Whilst Reykjavik is the usual Icelandic destination for any sightseer, the flights run to the lesser known town of Akureyi in the north of Iceland, an undiscovered gem and relatively tourist free.For someone who hates crowds, this is a dream. Don’t get me wrong, the Blue Lagoon hot springs just outside Reykjavik are beautiful, but being shoulder-to-shoulder with a plethora of sweaty tourists isn’t my idea of a relaxing break.But Akureyi will cast its own brand of magic on you in the form of its breathtaking, unspoiled beauty. Just twenty minutes’ drive away is the Eyjafjörður fjord, the longest fjord in Iceland.From here you can catch a boat to take you on the 70km journey from the mouth to the bottom of the fjord. I highly recommend this trip, as not only is the journey through the fjord spectacular, it isn’t uncommon to do a spot of whale-watching whilst you’re there.Just don’t ask me how to pronounce ‘Eyjafjörður’; I still don’t have a clue.The trip is bookable through Richmond Travel or Mann Link Travel, which departs on the 15th March 2019 for three nights from £699 per person (subject to availability) based on two people sharing, with breakfast, with a deposit of only £49 per person required.The price also includes two excursions worth over £200. The first is the Land of Ice & Fire excursion, and the second is an excursion to see the Northern Lights. Being just 60 miles from the Arctic Circle this excursion is quite possibly the best place to see the Northern Lights in all their beauty.So hopefully that’s you sold, and you’re currently opening a new tab on your browser to get booking that trip to Akureyi to begin your own Icelandic adventure.And do me a favour; just as the plane’s about to touch down on Nordic soil, pop in your headphones and listen to that Björk track I mentioned earlier as you watch the volcanic beauty of Iceland unfold before your very eyes.You’ll thank me later.

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