By Order of the Peaky Finders


Do you ever agree to do something after a few beers and wake up with a hangover stinkin’ of regret?Well that’s kinda what happened with 6 local lads when they decided to raise money for charity by completing a challenge. There’s no regret in raising money for causes close to the heart, but there must be a part of them thinking,

“Why the f**k have we decided to do this?”

The challenge? Only the bloody Three Peak Challenge.The Three Peak Challenge consists of climbing Wales, Scotland and England’s highest peaks, Snowdonia, Ben Nevis and Scafell Pike, all within 24 hours. To put that into perspective for all you islanders, the total ascent of these mountain’s reach 3,064 meters (10,052ft), whereas our lonesome mountain of Snaefell sits at whopping 620m (2,037ft). They’re basically walking up Snaefell 5 times (that’s sea to summit not Bungalow to summit) OH and walking back down it.Not only do you have to scale these mountains, you’ve got to also contend with the dreaded traffic. It can be time consuming and ultimately the difference when it comes to completing the challenge.462 miles of driving to be exact, this is about 10 hours if the traffic is in your favour. Again, for you islanders, this is the equivalent of driving from the Point of Ayre to the Sound 12.4 times, and given that “Ramsey” is too far away, this is a long drive!

The team consists of George Rawlinson, Shaun Kelly, Jordan Kelly, Jamie Callister, Christian Penswick and Michael Valerga and they will be completing the challenge over the course of the next few days. If all goes to plan, these guys will be reaching each peak at 8pm/6am/4pm over Thursday & Friday.Being friends with all of them, I know they will be more determined than most to complete it. They’re all driven and physically fit guys, Shaun for example has finished the Parish Walk twice, and Christian is a keen cyclist.Of course, I also know that this challenge will test them. When the fatigue sets in they will bicker and argue but they’ll get through it because there is a common goal.No fightingThe common goal is the charities. Each peak represents a charity and each one is close to all their hearts.

Climb & Charity 1 – Ben Nevis for Hospice at Home

This fantastic charity has done so much for so many people; one person specifically was local legend Conall Hughes. Sadly Conall lost his long hard battle with cancer. Each one of the guys at some point has shared memories with Conall whether that be football, darts or golf and he certainly made a lasting impression.Hospice at Home cared for Conall right to his last moments and supported the entire family throughout. The charity aims to provide care through high quality nursing to patients and families in the home environment.

Climb & Charity 2 – Scafell Pike for the Queen’s Pier Restoration Trust

This charity, led by the efforts of Tom Durrant, aims to restore the pier to its rightful glory as and this is already in full flow.The QPRT and all the volunteers represent good, honest, hard work with a forward looking mentality, the whole essence of which will be in the forefront of the Peaky Finders minds as they go into the second climb.Funds raised will go to the QPRT and also to engraving one of the planks that will form the pier in memory of Conall Hughes. This really is a fantastic gesture and will be part of the history of the pier to come.

Climb & Charity 3 – Mount Snowdon for the Rebecca House Foundation

Rebecca House Foundation offer the highest possible standards of care and support for children and their families. They enable each child to cope with their illness and also provide the support for them to lead as full and as normal life as possibleThe pain the guys will go through in their final climb of Mount Snowdon is nothing compared to the pain and heartbreak the patients that this charity support goes through.All these charities and the causes they support will act as a constant motivator during the challenge and that motivation will only be stronger with the more money the guys raise.Up to this point they have already raised a fantastic amount smashing their initial £3k target through hosting their own football tournament, and fundraising classics such as bag-packing and cake sales.Now on £5k they are looking to reach the £6k target. If you would like to help the guys reach their new target then you can donate here at their JustGiving page.The Peaky Finders as a whole would like to thank everyone who has already donated to their cause, no matter the amount.A huge GOOD LUCK gents!var bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”bv1cituzy”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1548757254,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};