Gef’s Uni Series: Why you should do the ‘useless’ degree


I’m not going to lie, being young, naive and not knowing what to do with my future are issues I still struggle with today.With the ever growing possibilities of what you can do with your life and who you can be, I was, and you are perfectly normal to feel, overwhelmed.Throwing it back to being 17 years old, with PE being just about the only thing in my life I was marginally above average at, I followed my peers into applying for university. But instead of applying for “useful” degrees (according to my teachers and other educated adults) i.e. marketing, maths, history or law, I instead opted for the completely ‘useless’ degree of Sports Science, providing me with no real world skills or career potential…

…or that is what I was lead to believe.

Having an interest in the great outdoors, I was at the time completing my gold Duke of Edinburgh training with Adventurous Experiences. Keirron Tastagh, Director of the Company, had spent a lot of time in North Wales and advised me to think about going to university in Bangor to enjoy the best of both worlds.After a little research, there was an advertisement for a degree in ‘Sports Science with Outdoor Activities’, basically a ‘useless’ Sports Science degree made even worse as one days’ lectures were substituted with a day playing with kayaks or in the mountains playing in the rain!I was set. I deferred my university offer for a year after scraping through my A-Levels and worked full time for Keirron. The following year, after having some real world experience and some money of my own, I trundled off to my useless degree for some of the best 3 years of my life.Through this time, I pursued a sport not many people have heard of called canoe polo, which was my test bed for all the information I was learning at University.How to become faster. How to become stronger. How to become fitter. These were all questions we asked ourselves as a team. Putting all my undergraduate knowledge to good use, I managed to walk away with 4 bronze and one Gold BUCS medal (University Championships) Full colours and Blues for sporting achievements.To some, this all seems irrelevant, because who cares how well you do in a sport at university when you’re not going to be a professional athlete?I care.I care because without sport and without the gym I wouldn’t know how to lose graciously or win honourably.I wouldn’t know how to grind through difficulty, comeback from setbacks, organise a team, rally a group or visually see how hard work can create real change in my life.It is because of these attributes, that I continued my undergraduate education to a Masters Degree in Sports Science with Strength & Conditioning at Chester University, despite not having an English GCSE.It is because of these attributes, that I set up my own business when leaving university instead of following the trend and working for a sports club or academy.It is because of this, that I have spend the past 5 years of business being dynamic, following what interests I have and integrating them into my lifestyle.Sam MurphyMost importantly, it is because of this, that I enjoy my life and how I earn my living, putting my satisfaction, interest and enjoyment first before income and what other people may suggest.This is not the lifestyle for everyone, but it is the one that I have chosen.And that’s the only real question that needs to be asked. What makes you happy?// bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”b19yu0ysk”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1548944822,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};//