After all those years of study, are you heading to uni or are you ready to enter the world of work here on the Isle of Man?Maybe you plan to take time out and get some temp work to fund your next adventure, or to build cash and valuable experience during your gap year.The questions you’ll be asking yourself now are probably…

  • What are my options?
  • How much could I earn?
  • Will I enjoy the work, the people, the challenge, the hours, the training, the environment?
  • What career path should I take?
  • What do employers even expect from you?

Firstly, here at Paragon, not everyone we speak to has a defined plan or clear career path sorted at any age, so don’t worry if your mind isn’t made up on leaving education; in fact if you do have a clear plan, you are probably in the minority and we salute you!The potential and opportunities awaiting you here on the Isle of Man is the exciting bit; sometimes it takes several jobs and environments for you to find ‘the one’ right for you, and even then you may transfer your acquired skills and experience cross businesses/sectors/industries/jurisdictions.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics; the average worker holds 11.7 jobs between the ages of 18 and 48, to be exact, and this is projected to continue to grow.

As recruitment consultants, we regularly speak with individuals of all ages and experience levels, advising on the local marketplace, which employers are recruiting and what opportunities are available now or coming up in the future, in addition to further training options available locally to develop your chosen work path.Ultimately, we’re aiming to find that unique role that meets the requirements for each individual job seeker we assist, or to at least provide enough real world guidance and honest advice to enable life-changing decisions to be made with confidence and knowledge, arming each individual with the ability to build a knock out CV and breeze the interview process!Your job search is yours and yours alone; only you can choose the route you want to take. We’re here to help you prepare for that journey and give you the support and knowledge to make informed decisions and choices, based upon our experience of the client businesses we recruit for.

So what can you expect if you register with Paragon at this stage in your career?

Paragon, as a recruitment agency, provide recruitment services offering access to jobs for job seekers [free of charge] at all levels, in permanent employment and temporary work with the Island’s employers.These can range from major global brands, to start-up opportunities and pretty much every sized business in between.Our clients tend to be more office based, however we also own and manage IOM Jobs Available/Wanted sourcing workers directly through social media and recommendation, providing a great overview of what’s available across all sectors on the Island.For individuals looking for help in sourcing a first or new role or just to chat through whether work or further study is their best route, we provide the following steps and support:-

  • Review of skills, experience and aspirations
  • CV’s, interview tips, making applications
  • Industries, sectors and jobs available
  • Realistic job matching with application and salary guidance
  • Training and career options
  • Salary levels and benefits
  • Job alerts – online set-up for priority job notifications
  • Networking – building contacts and effective online profiles

We’ll also assist and advise on –

  • Relevant marketplace overview; explore opportunities & limitations
  • Action plan identification for self management of job search, making direct applications
  • Interview & assessment coaching
  • Feedback, review & advice
  • Negotiation and resignation guidance
  • Relocation advice & support
  • Information sharing and collaboration via social feeds & groups

Below are a few of the entry level jobs we have available currently, all entering into great industries.

Trainee Accountants

Good with numbers? You’ll find an accountant in almost every business and this is a chance to start your professional training in either one of the big 4 or within a dynamic industry specific practice; full study support provided, open to both A-Level leavers and Graduates. An accountancy qualification can be the foundation for a highly rewarding career, both professionally and financially.


Data Analyst Sport Trader

Open to both Graduates and A-level leavers, these are fast-paced roles for logical thinkers with a genuine interest in sport, and good numerical skills. For those with the ability to work flexible shifts, these are great opportunities to join a vibrant, expanding and fun organisation in the Island’s fastest growing sector – e-gaming.

IT Junior Developer

As one of the fastest growing global careers, if you’re a computer science graduate with a real passion for programming, you can join a dedicated team and gain real hands on experience in a professional and innovative environment. This is an opportunity to quickly develop and expand your skills and knowledge for fast career progression.

Junior Personnel Officer

Entry level opportunity for those with an interest in logistics and people management; join one of the Island’s established Shipping Organisations and learn how the operation works by supporting a Senior Personnel Officer in the day to day management of distribution vessels and their crew, assisting with the mapping of routes amongst various locations and jurisdictions across the globe.

Marketing Administrator

Graduate opportunities to join a range of marketing businesses from financial services to e-gaming. With a relevant degree and the ability to create and deliver both online and offline solutions, these roles provide a great introduction to a professional career in marketing, working with established marketing professionals in a variety of disciplines.

If you’d like more information on any of these roles, or just a bit of guidance on WTF to do now…contact Paragon directly on 665115 or head over to their website here. var bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”bvtm6f08h”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1550051219,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};