We all love a bit of cake here at Gef HQ, and sometimes you really can’t beat a good a good cuppa and a slice of sweet, sweet goodness. We’ve rounded up some of the capital’s best baked goods (with ZERO soggy bottoms) to go and devour on your lunch hour…

The Alpine – The Ultimate Brownie

Not only are our mates over at the Alpine good at salads/sandwiches/bagels/tarts/life…they absolutely bloody nail one of the people’s favourites…the humble chocolate brownie.Fresh on the counter every day, their famous brownie sits proud with it’s mates the Portuguese Custard Tart, the Flapjack and other sweet sweet goodness AND we’ve even managed to secure the recipe! (OMG)According to the experts, the trick is to be brave and take them out the oven when they’re still wet in the middle. No clean skewers here thank you!It’ll be a minute of two after they’ve stopped their signature wobble (when you shake the tray, you’ll see the top of the brownie move)250g unsalted butter250g dark chocolate380g caster sugar150g flour (we use gluten free)Splash of vanilla6 free range eggsHandful or two of nuts, toasted. You can use walnuts, pistachios, almonds or hazelnuts, all very tasty!

  1. Melt the butter and chocolate together. 
  2. Whisk the eggs and sugar with the vanilla for no longer than a couple of minutes, just until they’re well combined.
  3. Fold in the chocolate then sift in the flour with a pinch of Maldons salt. 
  4. Roughly break up the nuts and spread out on the bottom of a lined baking tray that’s 20x28cm, then pour over your mixture.
  5. Bake at 180° for 20-25 minutes but be super vigilant for your optimum post wobble readiness after 20 minutes. 

Alpine Brownie

Spill the Beans – Cheesecake Masters

Spill was one of the OG coffee shops in Douglas. Hidden away on Market Street, it’s still an absolute gem, making some of the BEST cakes known to Mann.We’re huge fans of everything they make TBH, but their CHEESECAKE is a sight to behold…Spill the Beans - Strawb CheesecakeSpill the Beans - Cheesecake


You know when you just want a bit o’ sweet, sweet cream? These are your guys. Eclairs, scones, doughnuts…the filthier the better right?WARNING: Once you’ve decided which cake to get all up in, find a safe place to eat it. DO NOT head to the Promenade, too many creamy delights have been lost to those fckn seagulls.Pat-a-Cake - Cream cakesCream Bun

Tea Junction – The Showstoppers

So the Tea Junction aren’t shy of a Bake-Off-esque flavour, and boy do they nail it every time.This weekend, this little number was on the menu, a ‘Millionaire’s Cookie Dough’ cake *drools*Cookie DoughPast flavours include:

  • White chocolate, curry & raspberry cake (pictured below)
  • Chocolate fudge with Black Cherry & Mikado
  • Salted Caramel & Maraschino Cherry
  • Lemon & Amaretti
  • And possibly our fave…a boozy Piña Colada cake made with pineapple gin!

Their specials change every week, so basically…go get face deep.The Tea Junction - Showstopper

Noa – Almond croissants

Ok so where this may not be a cake, its sweet, flaky, delicious goodness deserves some recognition.Layer upon layer of Isle of Man Creamery butter and pastry made with Manx flour…these babies are heavenly.They legit fly off the counter when they’re on though, so best be quick!Noa Bakehouse - Almond CroissantsWhere do you head for a good bit of CAKE? var bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”bu5wh4gym”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1548694738,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};