This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of the Isle of Man Food & Drink Festival; the biggest celebration of Manx foodie goodness in the whole calendar year. In order to make your life that little bit easier and navigate straight to the bits that we think are going to rock your world!

Betty Pie Co.

The incredible Betty Pie Co. has bought a Pit Barrel Cooker especially for this year’s Food Festival, with the intention of smoking a couple of shoulders of Manx Outdoor Reared Pork and shredding them for pork and homemade BBQ sauce pies.I mean come on!? *DROOLS* See you in the queue for one of these bad boys.


The Alpine Cafe

Our pals at the Alpine are going all out again this year! Go pay them a visit at the ‘Tent up Top’ for your fix of wholesome Alpine-y goodness. Along with their countertop classics, they’re also serving up a super cute cocktail menu all day longgg…You’ll also find team Bottle Monkey popping up in the ‘Tent up Top’ alongside the Alpine fam. They’ll be sharing some new to the Isle speciality craft beers, so if hoppy goodness is your thing, get yourself there.



The always amazing Smoo are making their IoM Food Festival debut this year. Head on over to their pop-up desert bar to try some locally sourced, handmade, small batch gelato treats. Their flavours are INSANE, and this year they’re putting on a literal MANX AS THE HILLS treat…did someone say HAY BOY?!We’ve heard a cheeky rumour that their legendary S’MORES TUB is making a return too!! #DROOL


Foraging Vintners

Their 11am presentation today in the Manx Cookery Theatre would definitely be our choice to kick off the days proceedings. Brunch cocktails anyone?! All made using all the goodness we find in the bountiful Manx hedgerows.


Noa Bakehouse

Earlier this month our Noa Bakehouse amigos launched the newest edition to their bread portfolio, the ‘Everyday Bread’. So to allow their bakers a well earned rest, it’s their legendary pasty and coffee team leading the Food & Drink Festival this year! They’re launching a new ‘free-from’ cake range and freshly toasted batch of Guatemalan coffee, grown by a female farmer – which is totes unusual apparently! We can’t wait for our fix!!



Our Fyny friends are revealing their highly anticipated Autumn Gin at 4pm sharp today, so get yourself down to the Festival Bar to be amongst the first to get your hands on this botanical masterpiece. Earlier this week we managed to grab an exclusive chat with their Master Distiller Gerard  to talk all things Fyn!


Another festival debut this year, the Gelatory team are digging out their passports and heading over the mountain from Ramsey to rock your world with their tasty Gelato!


The Festival Bar

This year the festival bar is being managed by the Villa Marina team and is set to play host to a whole horde of boozy Manx madness, including; Bushys, Hooded Ram, OKell’s, The Apple Orphanage, Seven Kingdom Distillery, Foraging Vintners, Fynoderee and Roots Beverage Co. Phew! Somebody get us a G&T STAT!!


Coffee Mann

With staff from the tropical Ramsey and beans from Brazil, their very own Racer Blend coffee takes inspiration from around the world.


La Costeña

New kids on the block La Costeña will be serving up Manx made South American treats all weekend long, including these tasty emepenadas… GET IN OUR BELLY!!


And finally… The ‘New’ Manx National Dish Reveal

We know, we know, it’s chips, cheese and gravy. Trust us, we’re right there with you. However, after “mounting political pressure” the Department for Food, Environment and Agriculture launched a campaign back in May to find a new Manx National Dish.Is it the lamb? Is it the beef? Or are we going to claim our national pride back from those pesky Canadians? Head on down to the Manx Cookery Theatre at 2pm on Sunday to see whether your favourite made the cut.Alternatively, if you’re a die hard CCG’er get down to Secret Pizza Co. in Castletown – they aren’t at this year’s festival unfortunately 😭😭😭 – where they’re serving their cataclysmic – and somewhat catalysing – CHIPS, CHEESE AND GRAVY EFFING PIZZA!!! #gtfit

N.B. 3,626 honks… and counting!!

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