30 Under 30 – Andy Bass – Judge Profile


1. Occupation

Head of Sales, Associate Director at Conister Bank.

2. Career

My early career was in Life Assurance with Scottish Provident International. It was a great environment to work in but at that age (17 – 21), I felt I wasn’t cut out for office work so I decided on a change of direction and moved into my uncle’s business, selling commercial vehicles.I worked for my uncle for a number of years meeting and developing business relationships with lots of people across the Island. One of my favourite parts of the job was arranging finance packages for both private and business customers and so when an opportunity to move into this sector arose, I jumped at it and joined Lombard Manx (formerly IOM Bank Leasing) in 2005.I initially began in a sales support role before being promoted to Relationship Manager, lending in the retail, agriculture and commercial business sectors, within 18 months. I formed some really strong external connections at Lombard and was lucky to work under great mentors such as Richard Macnee and Mike King: people who knew and understood this industry at a high level. Whilst working for Lombard, I attended the Lombard Outstanding Achievers Awards at Celtic Manor three years in succession and was nominated for the RBS Talent Academy. I was also seconded to Lombard’s Channel Island business in Guernsey in 2007, an experience that I really enjoyed.In 2010, I was offered the opportunity to join Conister Bank as Sales Manager, a decision that I haven’t looked back on. Over the past eight years, we have worked tremendously hard as a business to promote our brand and our presence in the local community, and become the Island’s number one lender – a path that I feel we are definitely some way down!Today, I am Conister Bank’s Head of Sales on the Isle of Man and was also named as an Associate Director of the bank at the end of 2017, something I was extremely proud of. Every day, I work with some amazing, driven and dedicated people who share the goal of strengthening and growing our business.

3. Out of work interests?

I am a keen cyclist and participate in a number of events through the year. Cycling allows me to keep fit and stay focused, and I find that it helps clear my mind after a day in the office. I am also a Director of Isle of Man Cyclefest which has become a key event in the local calendar.One of my other big passions is football. I still follow my local boyhood club St. Georges and I am currently the club’s Treasurer.

4. Notable work and/or life achievements…

I think that I have done quite well for myself considering I didn’t have any great career aspirations when I was young. I found an industry that I enjoyed and have worked hard to make it work for me. I’m not finished yet, though: over the next few years, we have some big projects that will set us apart!I was keen on my football to such an extent that on reflection, I was probably obsessed. I wouldn’t go on holiday during the season for fear of missing out on games or losing my place in the team. Being part of St Georges’ return to the top in local football was a great time – and the nights out weren’t bad either! Looking back, I was probably too competitive and did let my emotions spill over but I just always wanted us to win so much. There’s nothing wrong with winning!My greatest achievements are definitely my two children, Lola and Tommy. They are great children with their own senses of humour and can light up any room. Both are really keen on their sports and to date have excelled at whatever they try out. Lola has had a lot of success in horse-riding and athletics; Tommy is keen on two-wheeled sports and is also just finding his way on his pony, which slightly scares me as he is nuts!

5. Why did you want to be involved with 30 Under 30?

30 Under 30 appealed to me on a number of levels.In my early years of employment, I remember often worrying, despite enjoying my job: was this the right career path? I’d left college to go into employment, so I knew I needed to make my choice work.As a Manager, my view is that young talent and ideas should be recognised, and ambitious young people need to know that their voices will be heard. I firmly believe that the 30 Under 30 programme is something that will grow, and the aim should be that in future years we are reviewing hundreds of nominees because so many people want to be involved.This is an ideal platform to showcase young talent on the Island.

6. What are you looking out for from nominees?

I am going into this with an open mind. I am always interested in people with drive and determination who want to improve themselves instead of coasting.In recent years, I have been able to support a number of start-up businesses which have gone on to become real success stories, and all the people involved shared one common goal, which was to push themselves harder, come out of their comfort zone, and realise their dream.This doesn’t happen by accident; it comes through hard work and drive coupled with believing in yourself.Nominations are now open for the Island’s first 30 Under 30 initiative. To find out more about the campaign and how you can nominate somebody remarkable under the age of 30, head over here. Be sure to give the 30 Under 30 Facebook Page a like to be kept up to date.//cdn.bannerflow.com/bf-placements/5b71646342b95316c83990e4?responsive=on&nid=1&targeturl=

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