Gef Presents: Manx Talent


As we all know, our beloved little Isle is a mecca for creativity and artistry.For such a tiny dwelling the sheer number of great sportspeople, artists and musicians is staggering.Manx music in particular is a smorgasbord of wild variance and eclecticism. And yet, whilst the talent is undeniable, the scene itself isn’t given the platform it warrants.Jack DoyleWith that in mind, we thought it was high-time to give our local talent the spotlight they deserved and thus, the concept of Gef Presents was born.Inspired by Jools Holland, Gef Presents was a night of live music in an intimate setting presented by the cooler-than-Ice-Cube’s-freezer Christy DeHaven.Thanks to our mate Justin at Event Lighting Services (ELS) the production values were top notch and the setting oozed class. The filming from Andy Skillen, Dario Leonetti and James Proudfoot has produced highly professional footage we can’t wait to share with you all.MAEWe were treated to electric performances from four acts on the night. Four acts who perfectly illustrated the aforementioned musical diversity over here:Intimate and heartfelt acoustic balladry (Mae Challis); swaggering and impassioned indie-folk (The Tides); elegiac and spellbinding harp strumming (Mera Royle) and anthemic and euphoric electro (Foxtrap).Gef PresentsThe night itself was truly magical and a glowing celebration of not only the gifted performers but also the tirelessness of those behind the scenes.Keep an eye on Gef for full details as we’ll be releasing the full footage over the coming weeks. In the meantime, here’s the mesmerising Foxtrap with their rendition of the Manx National Anthem…

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