Filthy Sandwiches Of Douglas


Whether you’re on a budget or making paper…sometimes you just need a filthy butty, ya know what I mean?Something that has the right amount of sauce – meat – vegetable ratio. It has gorgeous bread and a nice crunch that house the ingredients perfectly. It’s delicious and has flavors that you can’t quite comprehend or distinguish.Whether you’re on a budget or makin’ paper, Douglas has a butty for everyone. We’re going to be using the “filth” scale here, and I just want to be clear the filthier the better!

The Alpine – The Salt Beef Bagel – Filth Level: The Absolute Filthiest

The Alpine is a classic lunch spot in Douglas. Hip, DELICIOUS and friendly. The Alpine slays when it comes to salads, sandwiches and this may just be their most famous sandwich of all; The Salt Beef Bagel. They brine a piece of Manx beef brisket for a week (a week!) They then poach the brisket for a few hours in house. It’s then served on a bagel with their own pickles, horseradish, mayo and rocket. Sit in at Alpine for the full effect or take your Salt Beef Bagel to eat at your desk…or in private.Their other sandwiches that live on the specials board are Korean Pulled Pork, Schnitzel, Fried Chicken and Pulled Pork.Vegan options here are endless as well – their salads are nothing short of amazing. They’re always a rainbow of colors and full of flavor. Gluten free available on request too!

Salt Beef Bagel

The Secret Pizza Company – Manx Mafia – Filth Level: Pure Filth

Our pals down at SPC in Castletown don’t just know how to make a mean pizza…they can construct a ridiculous sannie aswell! THIS bad boy is all levels of filthy, but so SO good. Freshly baked warm focaccia, pastrami, cheese, ALL of the pickles – basically, ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS. It’s not always on the menu, but when it is – you hit gold.

Manx Mafia Sandwich

The Eatery – Roast Chicken Sandwich – Filth Level: Flippin’ Filthy

The Eatery is known for their local, handmade and lovingly prepared dishes with knowledge and creativity. The Roast Chicken Sandwich is not to be missed. An elevated classic done right. This sandwich is made with local bread cut thick with slow roasted chicken, Isle of Man Creamery butter, homemade tarragon mayo, sea salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Perfectly prepared this sandwich hits the spot when you’re looking for that classic chicken sandwich to bring you through the long Manx winter.

Cafe Delight – Club Sandwich – Filth Level: Filthy

Cafe Delight’s filthiest butty is their Club Sandwich. Made with three layers of locally baked bread, Manx wild cheddar, warm crispy bacon, creamy chicken mayo and crunchy lettuce. This club sandwich is not for the faint of heart. Stacked high and packed firmly this sandwich has it all. Cafe delight also has amazing soup and salad specials made in house to accompany your sandwich…if you can handle it. PSA, sit in their dining room upstairs at their Prospect Hill location. With huge windows to let in all the light your club sandwich will leave you feeling satisfied and like you’ve gotten your dose of daily ‘sunshine’.

Appetites – Ham & Mustard + Lettuce – Filth Level: Mildly Filthy

I always get sandwich anxiety at somewhere like appetites. While the options are endless, and I appreciate the level of choice, that can leave a lot of room for mistakes for someone like me. What I sometimes think will be the best sandwich ever, turns into a nightmare rather quickly. The dreaded question – do I want sauce on my sandwich? I have to pose a counter question of – “what kind of sauce do you think would go well on my sandwich?” I’m the consumer of the sandwich and you are the artist is what I really feel like saying. The truth is they probably don’t give a shit about what sauce I have on my sandwich or if I have “sandwich” anxiety. There are 20 people behind me and they all know what they want. That is why the standard ham, mustard and lettuce sandwich gets a mild filth rating – because of the margin for error.

M & S, CO-OP – Filth Level: Sometimes Filthy

Only sometimes, because this is the most simple and standard sandwich that you can come across in Douglas. Classic ham, classic roast chicken, classic prawn and mayo these are your bog standard sandwiches. They will serve you well on a budget or in a pinch. They are easy to eat and they pack well in a bag. Taste though…taste leaves something to be desired. There will be no aioli on these sandwiches, there will be no slaws or chili jams. There is something nice and comforting about this standard sandwich, you know what you’re getting. That’s it.

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