How to: Plan a Christmas do


The work Christmas Party, the ultimate annual celebration where everyone can cut loose and go wild for the evening.It’s something that vast majority of us look forward too, even if it results in you not being able to look your co-workers in the eye for a few weeks after.But what if you aren’t just a guest and you have been given the task to organise the whole event?At first it looks like a fairly simple task and you are flattered that you have been chosen but oh how wrong you are…Here are some tips that can help resolve the many problems that will land on your door step as the works Christmas party planner!


First and foremost you need to get a venue booked nice and early. Admittedly I assumed that this could be done a month or maybe two months beforehand but ideally this should be done by the summer.Otherwise you will end up like me, chain smoking and pulling your hair out whilst receiving more rejections than your worst night on Tinder.If you still haven’t got a venue booked get moving or you’ll end up with a party in your work car park!


Assess the crowd

You also need to gage the crowd you are catering for. Some people see a Christmas party as a nice meal out, a few jokes, some awards and then bath and bed by 10.For others it is a night of hedonism with vast amounts of alcohol and party games.What you envision as a perfect night might not be everyone’s taste and it is important to listen to varying opinions. That being said you do need to have some conviction in your plan; there are people out there who will find fault no matter what. Complaints can be about the food, the cost, the venue and even the weather on the day!Accept the fact you will never win everyone over and power forward otherwise you will be chopping and changing trying to please everybody and will be left with an unholy shambles.

Learn to delegate

Delegation, a word that will be close to your heart by the end of this ordeal.You will not be able to do everything, as much as you may have the creative eye you need to have some people to keep your feet on the ground and to help steer the party in the right direction. These people can bring some great ideas to the table and can help with the preparation.For example, I can write a half decent quiz, but try and get me to create a Winter Wonderland scene and you will end up with a grey and frankly upsetting mess.

Work to your budget!

Also remember the budget or lack thereof!You may sketch out ideas and plan out a Christmas bonanza that could rival the Oscars but if this results in your work being downsized to help accommodate the £2,000 centre piece you have splashed out on, you may have gone overboard.Be creative and realistic and also don’t fall into the trap of trying to pay it all yourself!


Finally, have fun. Yes this is stressful and if you volunteer to do it again for a second year then more fool you, but as long as you and your work have a blast then it is all worth it.var bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”bc9e1le8h”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1539344821,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};

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