The Big One – CRHS 1st XV vs KWC 1st XV


The Big One

A fixture that’s been played for over 40 years between two young Manx sides that have an intense long-held rivalry.The friendly feud between the teams was born from both their close geographical locations and the laughable ‘trash talk’ that’s passed from school to school during the buildup and of course the aftermath.Traditionally, the spoils have gone to King Williams College, having never lost the game.KWC 1st XV don’t take part in the IOM Schools Shield, instead choosing to play their games in the UK giving them access to much more game-time at a higher level than what is available on the IOM. This gives KWC the competitive edge when playing a CRHS team who traditionally only play domestic games.If you asked any CRHS supporter why KWC alway win – they’ll blame it on the foreign exchange program KWC run, which allows them to include players from countries such as Australia and South Africa in their team.


But why is it such a big deal?

Well, CRHS are the only Manx school who play KWC.It’s been an annual fixture for the last 40 years.Ex-students and players from both sides return in huge numbers to watch their former schools and often attracts a crowd of approximately 750 people, higher than the crowds the Men’s rugby attract!CRHS are always cast as the underdog (everyone loves an underdog!) having lost every year, with the exception of a 17-17 draw.Will you be watching?The Big One kicks off this afternoon at 2pm at KWC.Follow @KWC_rugby for live updates on their Instagram page if you can’t make it. Let battle commence! 

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