On, In or Around the Isle of Man?…Gef Investigates


On Tuesday, we asked our social media following to clarify what they think is correct when it comes to saying…

“I live ON or IN the Isle of Man…”

The results were as follows…

  • 300 votes on Instagram. 242 for on. 58 for in.
  • 33 votes on Twitter. 70% on. 30% in.
  • 1063 votes on Facebook. 78% on. 22% in.

1,396 people in total voted, and as you can see the unanimous opinion is that it’s living ON the Isle of Man.The results speak for themselves, but here are a few justifications for both arguments…


On 1

on 2

On 3


On 4According to the Manx dialect, it’s ‘ayns Mannin’ which is translated to IN the Isle of Man.HOWEVER, in short, there’s no right answer, but we’re all about democracy here at Gef – so we’re going with the majority…WE ALL LIVE ON THE ISLE OF MAN.

P.S More people voted in this than they did in the election for Chief Minister Howard Quayle. Classic IOM.

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