Knobs? Kippers? The Manx culinary scene has evolved way beyond these Island staples, and 2018 has been a year of visionary accomplishment for the culinary realm.From the Great Manx Cheese Invasion to the on-Island distillation of artisanal gin, we’ve absolutely nailed it, and we’re thriving amongst the vanguard of the food gods. Gef’s Big Fat Food & Drink review shines a light on the winners of 2018 and the changing face of the Island’s food scene.


Stats from the Isle of Man Creamery showed the Island exports around 1300 tonnes of Manx cheese each year, with your favourite dairy comestible found everywhere from leading UK supermarkets to the Americas and Middle East. In stereotypical (and probably somewhat unfair) fashion, those overeating Yanks even demand a range of cheeses not sold elsewhere, with the Creamery confirming they produce speciality flavours for the USA.Emirates airline is also a fan, with Manx cheese being offered throughout their in-flight service and executive lounges the world-over.

It’s only the beGINning…

The tail end of 2017 saw the birth of a Manx messiah, a being so seraphic that it appeared to have been gifted to us direct from the heavens. Of course, I’m talking about the Fynoderee Distillery.This Goliath entity seems to have sidled into the Island’s psyche as though it’s forever been a part of our heritage. Featuring Manx grown and locally foraged botanicals, this is the forest-to-bottle gin that we never knew we needed, and we’re ever so thankful. 2018 has seen the brand release four seasonal gins, each as delicious as its predecessor, and it’s broken from the bubble of Island life and permeated the consciousness of the UK market. With Master Distiller, Gerard Macluskey, on board, 2019 is looking like the year that Fynoderee spreads its juniper-scented wings and soars high above the global populace.

FV get Fizzical 

Local legends Mary Beth and Ian are putting the rock on the map with their ever-expanding range of non-grape based sparkling wines. Foraging Vinters continue to excel from their grammable HQ in Port Erin.Earlier in the year, they told us;

“Our future products are somewhat limitless, that’s what is so exciting! One idea that is in the pipeline, is to create méthode traditionnelle sparkling bottled cocktails.We are fortunate that we can use our wine bar as a testing centre, so we can launch different drinks and cocktails using our wines and we utilise all feedback to see what is popular. Our wonderful FV community is driving our products!”

Bushy’s TT

Can you remember a greater TT in the history of the event? No, you can’t. A culmination of divine alignments made this year’s TT the greatest on record. From the blazing sunshine to the party spirit, 2018 will go down as the year that TT enjoyment reached fever pitch. And that was partly due Bushy’s TT Village.The Bushy’s Beer Tent has humble beginnings, and this year saw them move to the Villa Marina Gardens, a decision that should be applauded and showered in confetti. Rightly described as a coming of age party, the festival spirit created by the Village was enhanced by the inclusion of a diverse range of eateries. Train Smokers, Salty Dog Pizza, Black Dog Oven and your very own Gef were in attendance. At its peak, 12,000 people entered through the Village’s door, a testament to the success of this ‘grand, joyous carnival’ that showcased the true spirit of the Isle of Man. 

Is that a chorizo in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

A record number of Manx products were recognised at this year’s Great Taste Awards, which is billed as the Oscars of the food and drink industry. Whilst Meryl Streep is decidedly missing from the campaign, it does mean that she can’t monopolise the proceedings and that other deserving nominees finally have a chance of being acknowledged.Eighteen of the Island’s producers were honoured, with Berries Luxury Pudding Makers and Confectioners receiving a top accolade for its whey butter fruit cake, and Close Leece Farm for its Manx chorizo. 

Manx National Dish

Whilst we’re still quietly seething that chips, cheese and gravy (CCG) was fobbed off for a glorified cockle, we can find some solace that Manx queenies ousted the previous reigning champion, ‘spud ‘n herring’.The campaign garnered Island-wide attention. Words were thrown with vindictive malevolence. People took sides and, for a brief moment, it seemed that the Island would be forever divided like some perpetual Brexit fiasco. Whilst there’s still a group of underground vigilantes working tirelessly to reclaim CCG from the frosty clutches of those Canadian thieves, it seems that the War of Words™ has finally called a ceasefire. Prisoners of war have been released and communities have started to rebuild. We hope that when the smoke of gunfire clears, people can begin the long road of healing and there can be some form of resigned acceptance of the Manx queenie.

New kids on the block

2018 has seen a host of new places open on the Island, adding to an expanding directory of hotspots to visit.The Ginger Hall opened to rave reviews earlier this year after undergoing a mega refurbishment. Serving pub classics and gastropub fare, Ben Sowrey and Matt Kneen have created not only a new eating trough but a destination to satisfy even the greediest of wenches.Douglas favourite, Little Fish, scaled the Island and reared its glorious head at The Bay Hotel in Port Erin. The Bay Hotel has been crying out for some innovation in a long time, so it’s great that our favourite brunch place has made use of the space. November also welcomed South to Port Erin, which offers delicious small plates and a drool-inducing brunch menu, and the addition of these two eateries adds some edge to the blossoming cultural scene in the south-west of the Island.Castletown got a little bit funkier in 2018 with the opening of Secret Pizza Company and Compton Vaults. The hip crowd previously had very little reason to make a night of it in Castletown, but the opening of these two beauties have flipped going out out on his head. Whether it’s pints, pies, and cocktails in the bunkers of Compton, or a fine ass pizza on the Secret patio, Castletown is making a name for itself as an up-and-coming nightlife spot.Neighbouring Port St Mary is home to The Fishery, which opened earlier this year, serving gourmet fish and chips. Neon signs, filament bulbs and Manx artwork make for a haven of pure Instagram porn and don’t even get me started on the dreamy colour scheme. Not wanting to be left outside alone, Douglas batted back with the opening of Boho. Situated on Prospect Hill, Boho provides casual dining for lunch and dinner, with a menu inspired by Mediterranean and North African cuisine.Not one to shy away from blowing his own trumpet, Gef’s illegitimate wench of a sister, Peggy, flung open her doors for a six-week stint on Loch Promenade. Featuring condoms, mirror balls and more Natalie Cassidy-related paraphernalia than you can shake Sonia’s trumpet at, it’s added enough smutty retro glamour to really get my bean wagging.

Honorable mention

Up north, there’s a one-woman show educating the Island, one class at a time. The Cook Shack is run by Georgie Revill, who’s teaching us a thing or two about culinary wizardry. A true champion of Manx Produce, most of her ingredients and products are locally, so if you’re cooking skills are more fail than fab it’s definitely worth paying Georgie a visit. And if she didn’t have enough on her plate (see what I did there) she’s also the driving force behind Mann Kind Festival. As Alicia Keys one astutely noted, this girl is on fire. Gef’s Big Fat Review of 2018 is in collaboration with the nation’s station

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