Most triggering Manx moments of 2018


2018 was an angry year if your social media timelines were anything to go by. Sure, we had Royal Weddings, Blood Moons and Legal Pot to talk about but really it was all Brexit and Trump fuelling our collective fury. That’s not to say there weren’t plenty of topics closer to home to get the blood boiling, of course…Everyone loves a good grumble but us Manxies are the self-appointed Gods of venting spleen. As the old saying goes ‘Give a Manxie the winning lotto ticket, they’ll moan about the queue in Pickwicks’. It seems only right then that Gef pick out some of the year’s lowlights that had you lot so incensed, the very concept of traa dy liooar was vanquished into the sweet mountain air. Shout out to Manx Forums for the quotes.

Government buys Steam Packet

In May, Treasury Minister Alf Cannan – pictured here looking super fly and giving zero f’s – signed the formal agreement for the Manx Government to buy the Steam Packet. As you’d expect this caused a fair amount of calm, rational debate….“£124m? Really? I would have thought £124 would be more reasonable”“The only reassuring statement I have heard so far is government will have nothing to do with running it”“Rest assured government can (and will) totally screw it up!”

Horse Trams

In August it was reported that the Horse Trams were running on a substantial loss. A loss close to half a million pounds. Luckily, people seemed to take it well.“I’m pretty sure that if someone could speak horse and then ask the tram horses if they would like to pull people-laden trams up and down the prom…they would all tell that someone to f**k right off”“Horse shit indeed”

Sexual Offences Bill 2019

The recent news that the Government is seeking public consultation on next year’s Sexual Offences Bill appears to have been welcomed. One of the key subjects covered will be the retraction of criminal records for homosexual activity when it was, shamefully enough, illegal here. Sadly, there appear to be some barbarians stuck in the dark ages.“It is intended to allow pardons for those who have previously been convicted of sodomy…the fact that public opinion has changed does not make this right”Thankfully, the kick off has been directed their way, like a boomerang of decency.“The 1950’s called; they want their attitude back”

NSC Pool Closure

Back in July – although it feels much much longer ago – the NSC pools were closed until May 2019. To the relief of some parents but not everyone took the news well…“Just at the start of the holidays. Great planning”“Will the lifeguards be fired for the time it’s shut or sit home and get paid”

Post Office Strike

When IOM postal workers voted to take a 2-day strike, people were up in arms, freaking out that Aunty Jean wouldn’t receive her Chrimbo cards. Fevered debate on union power, privatisation and general postie stereotypes prevailed.“How am I meant to get my gas bill now? Oh yeah, by email because the world has moved on”“Well there is some good news…at least for the next 48 hours they aren’t losing any of the Christmas cards”Mercifully, someone had to cut through the BS.“Too many experts on here about things they know f**k all about”

Abortion Modernisation

The modernisation of Manx abortion law has been at the forefront of the political conversation this year, with reforms approved unanimously by Tynwald in November. At the beginning of the year, however, anti-abortion protest group Abort67 brought their shock tactics to Douglas Prom. They were met by peaceful protest from the IOM’s first Women’s March who displayed a dignified unity wholly at odds with the Abort67 zealots, who maniacally compared the peaceful protestors to Nazis.“Abort67 don’t care who they offend. They just want to shock to get some attention”“Their infantile morality is a dangerous one and would deny freedom and human rights to women all over the world”

Bushy’s Losing TT Prom Site

TT institution Bushy’s lost the tender for Bottleneck for TT and people, initially, lost their minds.“Disgusted that Douglas Corp has removed the TT tender from Bushy’s! Idiots”Then, there was ambivalence.“It’s a smelly tent that anyone with a touch or organisation can create. It has no brand value. People won’t stop coming if it isn’t called Bushy’s”and, finally, some form of acceptance as the benefits of competition went down a storm.“Great to have the Brewery Bar at the Grandstand, the Quay, Hooded Ram & the fantastic Bushy’s all there to enjoy! Should be the best TT in years for the drinkers & revellers!”Well, mostly.“Personally I prefer going to the pub for a few beers so I do not find either one appealing”

Hosepipe Ban

If you cast your mind back you may faintly recall the great Manx heatwave of Summer 2018. Everyone was eating Ice Cream for breakfast and wearing speedos to work; it was a magical time. You may even remember amidst all the fun and frolics, a hosepipe ban was briefly imposed. The Manx public were understandably respectful of the decision.“I propose a hosepipe amnesty, so people can hand their hosepipes in to the police with no questions asked”“To conserve water during this hot spell…I haven’t been for a p**s all week”

Polar Bear Love

Yes, we’ve all seen the Polar Bears pic countless times now but come on…that’s timeless comedy, people! After the heightened rage of all the previous triggering topics, it’s somehow comforting to end on something which matters not a jot but keeps us laughing.“Bare-assed cheek!”“Hilarious, need more humour in life at the minute”“The perpetrators are known to me, but I wasn’t one of them. I really wish I had been, though”

Honourable mentions

Mini-roundabout at Balthane – chaos reined in Ballasalla“Well, it’s not a roundabout, is it? It’s just a bit of paint and if buses are allowed to drive over it then so am I!”Potholes – the state of our roads were debated.“I have just counted 15,783 from Castletown to Douglas”Fracking – Natural gas exploration off Maughold Head was discussed with measure and nuance.“Sod the Friends of the Earth!! I say frack away!”“Why don’t you just frack off”Once you’ve had a breather and calmed yourselves down…tell us, what triggering topics did we miss? Did the mere fact we forgot a talking point make you so vexed you’ll combust? Let us know!var bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”bc9e1le8h”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1539344821,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};//

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