TT 2018: Top 10 Moments


#1 The record breaking RACING!

Just a casual 135.452mph lap for Hicky in the Senior TT race… Unbelievable Gef! The boys sure put on a show last year didn’t they?!

#2 The ‘Battle’ of the Beer Tents (and arguably, the best TT beer tent offerings we’ve ever had!)


Photo Credit: Vannin PhotosPhoto Credit: Hooded Ram FestivalPhoto Credit: Vannin PhotosPhoto Credit: Hooded Ram Festival

Photo Credit: Vannin PhotosPhoto Credit: Hooded Ram Festival

Photo Credit: The Trackside IOMPhoto Credit: The Trackside IOM

Photo Credit: The Trackside IOM

#3 When Gary Barlow declared his love for the Isle of Man

#4 The glorious weather

It’s true what they say, ‘There’s no better place when the sun’s out!’We had straight up sun and shine, with double figure temperatures for pretty two weeks straight… Totes #blessed! More of the same next year please, thanks, bye.

#5 The bikers who saved the ducklings

Video Credit: Paul Castley

#6 Gef’s Big Top

#7 HRH Prince Wills came to town!

He mingled up at the Grandstand with the general public, set the TT Zero bikes off and got to watch a bit of the action. A day fit for a Royal!They’re loud aren’t they Wills!? But we LOVE ‘EM.

#8 Carl Cox DJ’d in Rammo

Mega superstar DJ and Motorsport fan, Carl Cox, pulled up at Conrod’s Coffee Shop in Rammo for a cheeky school night disco… Only in Ramsey eh!!

#9 The BEST videos of the TT virgins

It’s a good reminder of just how FLIPPIN’ BAD ASS these guys are!

#10 The Return of TT Entertainment (VIVA LA Purple Helmets!!)

The Red Arrows, Beach racing and stunt shows a plenty… It was SO good to watch our island shows off it’s best side!