Guy Wood: “What you do now will not dictate the rest of your life!”


Guy Wood is a recipient of Gef’s 30 Under 30 accolade, and the Director and Manager of Ascentiom – a professional recruitment agency – which was grown and nurtured on the Isle of Man.

Guy’s background is in the noble sport of rugby. Having pursued a career since the age of 18 and spending a few years in New Zealand, a couple of big injuries caused him to assess the sustainability of rugby as a career, and after he retired he relocated back to the Isle of Man at the age of 25.2018 was a year of wicked success for Ascentiom, having launched the brand in February. It was initially imagined as a way to transition retired, professional sportsmen and women into a working environment, but this quickly evolved into the recruitment agency it is today. Ascentiom’s objective was to build meaningful relationships between itself, its candidates and the best businesses on the Island.Upon returning to the Island, Guy didn’t imagine staying. But something had irrevocably changed during his seven-year hiatus. Whether it was the cultural scene or Guy’s renewed appreciation of the Manx landscape is still a mystery, but either way the Isle of Man had a certain allure that had enamoured Guy to permanently relocate.Choosing the Isle of Man to grow the Ascentiom brand has been fundamental to its success. Its board members are made up of on-Island mentors who have provided Guy with key assistance and contacts in realising the brand’s potential. From introductions to the Isle of Man’s movers and shakers, to help with marketing the business to international candidates, Ascentiom has an umbrella of industry veterans that helped transform Guy’s idea into a corporeal success.As the perfect case study for Island relocation, what advice would Guy offer to young people looking to make the leap?“Jump straight in and throw your ideas around. Bounce them off the Prince’s Trust. The likelihood is that your ideas will quickly transform so just have a go.“If you don’t know how to start up your own business then it can be a difficult process. Join a young business: there are a number of interesting start-ups. Also, don’t disregard more traditional sectors as boring. They provide fundamental, transferable skills and from there you can anywhere.” var bannersnack_embed = {“hash”:”btmezaysk”,”width”:672,”height”:280,”t”:1549891636,”userId”:38193901,”responsive”:true,”type”:”html5″};//

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